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Mihai Zodian rated it liked it Oct 14, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Kirill Martynov rated it liked it May 03, The thesis that absolutism is a feudal which I’ll follow Samir Amin in saying is a peripheral linhsgens of the tributary mode of production form of state is absolutely vital. To ask other readers questions about Lineages of the Absolutist Stateplease sign up.

Lineages of the Absolutist State by Perry Anderson

The contention that commutations to money-rent are, in themselves, capitalist relations of production in agriculture is incompatible with Marx’s theory of ground-rent and is contraindicated by Marx himself in the discussion of the transition from rent-in-kind to money-rent and in his classification in a similar vein of sharec The thesis that absolutism is a feudal which I’ll follow Samir Amin in saying is a peripheral form of the tributary mode absoultista production form of state is absolutely vital.

This book can be read as a long detour – or series of detours – leading to capitalism. Jul 23, Malcolm rated it really liked it Shelves: No one stretches your vocabulary better than the magus of western Marxism.

In connection with this, the observation that warfare is the principal rather than as in capitalism simply a means means by which feudal nobilities compete with one another since there is little stimulus and indeed even comparatively little opportunity to ‘invest’ in the productivity of agriculture, the individual fortunes of dynasties can largely only be buttressed and expanded by the acquisition of new land [and with it new labour, whether it is enserfed absolutisya not] through abolutista plunder also comes into this to an extent and the acquisition of liquid wealth can be important in this regard is also extremely apposite.

Johnny Walker rated it it was amazing Aug 16, The material on the development of Swedish absolutism is particularly illuminating and brings into relief the truncated development of the Swedish social formation from one that still had a large pre-feudal sector in the 15th century to an absolutist, ‘late-feudal’ state in the 17th.


El Estado patrimonial fue definido como la propiedad del monarca. It is hence impossible in conditions of peasant production or petty commodity production on the land.

Linhagens do Estado absolutista, de Perry Anderson

This book together with its long introductory study, Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism is arguably the most important single contribution to Marxist thought in the historical discipline since Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution. Thompson in the latter’s The Poverty of Theory, in a controversy during the late s over the scientific Marxism of Louis Althusser, and the use of history and theory in the politics of the Left.

Dario rated it really liked it Nov 27, Some of his best collections include: Moreover, no revolution is so radical as to completely abolish the past, and capitalism came about embedded in premodern social formations Too often the categories of Marxism become hypostatized abstractions leaving actual history in the lurch.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In his joint capacity as historian and all-around theoretical guru of the left, Anderson is uniquely suited to redress this balance. There are no discussion topics on this book absolutistta. Guranteed to take you to the next level in your political consciousness. The historical contention that it was largely Swedish campaigns in Poland, Russia and Eastern Germany linhsgens gave rise is also in my assessment a correct judgement.

In other words, it is the construction and destruction of States which seal the basic shifts in the relations of produ Today, when ‘history from below’ has become a watchword in both Marxist and non-Marxist circles, and has produced major gains in our understanding of the past, it is nevertheless necessary to recall one of the basic axioms of historical materialism: This, I think, is of particular note when viewed from the angle of the theory of uneven development and this could be broadened in a little analysis to resist temptations towards viewing absolutism as a strictly chronological period and instead as a feudal state form.

Adriana Dias rated it really liked it Aug 11, But the untranslated terms are annoying at times. It’s really more of a reference work.

This can perhaps be account for the need for a vigorous defence of the feudal theory of absolutism in the face of trenchant opposition but it is also quite plain to me that lingagens, at least, played some role in the preparation of conditions for the bourgeois revolution as it preceded such revolutions in every single instance of the ‘classical’ type of bourgeois revolution, including arguably in Japan [where the Tokugawa shogunate would be absolutixta similar concentration of feudal power in the defence of the pre-capitalist Japanese nobility].


But the supreme significance accorded to its final fstado testifies to all the weight of its prior presence in history. In connection with this, the observation that warfare is the principal rather ded property as a ‘barrier’ to the application of capitalism since it is a derivative of surplus profit.


However, Anderson shows that this universal history did not come about all at once. He continues the model of the lihnagens Lineages by marking key differences between Europe east and west of the Elbe, and nails down the argument that the fundamental difference between feudalism and absolutism in the east and west lies in the western melding of Roman and Germanic social forms as the Roman Empire broke apart.

Patrick Link rated it it was amazing Dec 11, ErrBookErrDay rated it it estdao amazing Dec 08, My only complaint is that the author broadly uses levels of development to distinguish the separate failings of states, which is not particularly helpful, and should absoltista have warranted further discussions on specifics like tax capacity and military development, though these are discussed separately.

The First French Empire [particularly important would be to analyse the social order in New France] absoluutista Virginia is treat somewhat offhandedly. Also, read Anderson’s essays.

Linhagens do Estado absolutista, de Perry Anderson

Paradoxical as it may seem, its birth was an altogether staggered and piecemeal. Capitalism, as the first universalizable mode of production, is also the beginning of a universal history of humanity. I bought myself a new copy for Christmas. Some of the material, however, seems quite disconnected and there is comparatively little knotting together of economic, military, dynastic, secret diplomatic etc.

I also think he is entirely correct in attributing an important role to the threat of the rise of absolutism in the West on the genesis of absolutism in Eastern Europe. Perry Anderson born is a Marxist intellectual and historian. Published July 17th by Verso first published June 1st Lineages of the Absolutist State by Perry Anderson.

Joseph rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Evelyn R rated it it was amazing Apr 16,