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In the s in the latter part of his career H. Odum viewed humans as playing a central role: Odum in [46] well before he worked at the University of Florida. An Introduction to Systems Ecology Retrieved from ” https: Hagen has identified the systems thinking of Odum as a form of holistic thinking. Apparently the atoll was sufficiently radioactive that upon their arrival the Odums were able to produce an autoradiographic image of a coral head by placing it on photographic paper.

It seems clear that for Odum the concept that a battery or more explicitly the solar electricity generator he sometimes used pushed electrons around a copper circuit in almost exactly the same way that the sun pushed energy or reduced carbon around the invisible circuits of an ecosystem. It is thus postulated that natural selection of natural systems results in the formation of entities defined as above.

Hutchinson who expressed the view that if a community were an organism then it must have a form of metabolism. Odum used simple electrical networks composed of batteries, wires, resistors and capacitors as models for ecological systems. However the concept is neither free from controversy nor without its critics. In the ss Odum was also chairman of the International Biological Program ‘s Tropical Biome planning committee.

Nonetheless, they were able to estimate the total flow of energy through the entire system. Odum greenhouse”, at the suggestion of his former student Patrick Kangas. It is a useful first step before quantitative or simulation studies. Ecological economicsecological engineeringemergymaximum power principlesystems ecology. If the symbols are understood by all, the process of discussion and drawing unites people and thinking around a task with a minimum of semantic problems about meanings.

Odum was the third child of Howard W. He was one of the first to discuss the use of ecosystems for life-support function in space travel.


historia de la ecologia

Some consider the concept of “emergy”, sometimes briefly defined as “energy memory”, as one of Odum’s more significant contributions. These small ecosystems were often constructed from fish tanks or bottles and have been called microcosms. Corning Harold G. Kangas states that Odum then also librl that as thermodynamic systems, ecosystems should also obey the force-flux law.

From to H.

Ecological engineering, eccologia wrote, is “those cases where the energy supplied by man is small relative to the natural sources but sufficient to produce large effects in the resulting patterns and processes. In a controversial move, Odum, together with Richard Pinkerton at the time physicist at the University of Floridawas motivated by Alfred J.

This can be an effective problem-solving and analysis activity in management, research, and classroom settings and should be attempted as a learning tool. Hence Odum also had the aim of extending the scope and generality of natural selection, to include large entities such as the world.

Nixon [University of Rhode Island] are among a cadre of former students who have been recognized ,ibro for their contributions to ecological engineering, ecological economics, ecosystem science, wetland ecology, estuarine ecology, ecological modeling, and related fields. Odum together with David M. Further to this Odum also mooted two more additional thermodynamic laws see Energeticsbut there is far from consensus in the scientific community about these proposals, and many scientists have never heard of H.

The analogous concept required is the biomass activity, that is, the thermodynamic thrust, which may be linear. Howard wrote the chapter on energeticswhich introduced his energy circuit language. The term ecological engineering was first coined by Howard T.

Voltage, or driving force, is related to something we have measured for years, the biomassin pounds per acre. Odum said that “when a group gathers around a table to talk about analyzing the main components of a new system or problem, one person can diagram for the group, enhancing the coherence of the discussion.

Environment, Power, and Society. If one is building a model of energy flow then certainly the Odum system should be given serious consideration During this time Odum became aware of the interplay of ecological-energetic llbro economic forces. Views Read Edit View history.

historia de la ecologia timeline | Timetoast timelines

Ecological Engineering is an emerging field of study between ecology and engineering concerned with the designing, monitoring and constructing of ecosystems. He claimed that energy was driven through ecological systems by an “ecoforce” analogous to the role of voltage in electrical circuits. Around Odum directed studies into radioecology [26] which included the effects of radiation on the tropical rainforest at El Verde, Puerto Rico Odum and Pidgeonand the coral reefs and ocean ecology at Eniwetok atoll.


He measured the energy input of sun and rain, and of all organic matter – even those of the bread the tourists threw to the ducks and fish – and then measured the energy that ecologa left the spring. This, according to Odum, necessitated a fundamental change in the way ecologists thought about predator-prey relationships.

Ecología | David Estrada Santana –

It presented a cogent argument for the limits of industrial growth. Howard learned his early scientific lessons about birds from his brother, about fish and the philosophy of biology while working after school for the marine zoologist Robert Coker, ecologiw about electrical circuits from The Boy Electrician by Alfred Powell Morgan.

Concepts and methods in ecological engineering. Odumwas an American ecologist.

Odum attempted to go beyond the reporting of mere ratios, a move which resulted in the first serious disagreement in systems energetics. It is postulated that there is a natural selection of the possible systems that may form from a given starting condition, and that those systems that result are those which have mechanisms of maintaining stability.

And as an ecologist interested in the behavior and function of large entities over time, Odum therefore sought to give a more general statement of natural selection so that it was equally applicable to large entities as it was to small entities traditionally studied in biology.

One needs a diode to allow biomass to accumulate after the voltage of the sun has gone down. Odum gave a novel definition of ecology as the study of large entities ecosystems at the “natural level of integration”. His dissertation was libto The Biogeochemistry of Strontium: As soon as it does the system fits the definition of an entity.