If you need manual resolution please select Model-Inherited. It means that you will have to set up desired rendering resolution in your main XML Scene file and . M aterials are a very im portant part of a rendered im age and can m ak e th e difference betw een a ph oto realistic look ing im age and an artificial look ing one. Hi two weeks ago I read somewhere here about that there is a manual in the works which deals with how to set up materials like SSS etc in KT.

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Artisan Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for 3D artists. There are a few elements within the material editor we need to look at first and I will go over the most common ones:.

Here are some samples of light emitter materials:. I would be grateful if someone answer me. Plz help, what can I do! Please save the scene.

Google SketchUp and Kerkythea – fast start 4Architects

Here is the final result of what our not particularly hard work looks like: Some materials emit light. The components in these packs are pre-drawn SketchUp models of useful objects like furniture, cars and trees. Also, there is a little known fact about KT that by knowing and using manuwl simple material, light, render settings with a few simple tips, you will almost certainly start creating great photo-realistic renders.

Example of Emitter Plane. You can bring lots of your texture to life by using a good bump map. I look forward to more! After you have completed your modeling and texturing in SketchUp it is now time to place your lights and then export your model to Kerkythea.


Can anyone please help me with this? A fast method to render images.

Obviously if you have a perfect reflectionyou must use reflection, but if you have a jaggy reflection use Specular. MatesThanks for all comments: Glass for example lets light to be half-reflected and nanual through it. Thanks for this tutorial! Create stunning presentations to visualize your ideas. Nick is a third year Architect at the University of Bath, with a strong interest in graphic design and art.

Then export with instances. First of all, because this is an easy-to-use and simplified tutorial and also an architect-oriented guide, I have ignored some intricate technical material tips.

Mates Nowadays I am preparing the very recent version kerkkythea the KT fast start, and now it has more illustrations, well arranges with nice renders to depict each issue. One thing for sure, if you are interested in making true materials, you need to know about them, so that tutorial will come in handy.

Kerkythea Rendering System

This is a sample of clay render:. I am using sketchup to create the model. Another difficult thing to model would be something with lots of tiny holes and very pitted, like a wooden fence.

I embarked on this project to show my appreciation and respect to the Kerkythea team, who have had a great impact on my insight mamual easy high-quality rendering. For example, aluminum has no color and just some gray specularity while colored aluminum has a colored specularity.

Maybe you are interested in a clay render that makes your render something like Maquette.

Kerkythea Rendering System • View topic – material manual

SketchUp to Layout Essential guide for architects, builders and designers who already know the basics of SketchUp. It was easy to understand and helped me a lot. The default will be whatever size SketchUp exported it as, but the size you want will depend on what you want the render for.


I have it installed, but cannot locate the icon to open the program.

Site under maintenance – we will be back soon!

Open File in Kerkythea. Thank you mate just a minor but important question. What can I do? Some fine detail is always good — I like to add in some funky furniture from the Google SketchUp online component library found at the 3D Warehouse.

I myself started my journey right there. Now look at a leather material setting:. I have done another follow-up tutorial called Kerkythea — take a deeper look at materials. I strongly recommend you to use this installer because it is the easiest to install. Essential guide for architects, builders and designers who already know the basics of SketchUp. Alternatively, you can click on parts of the model, and the corresponding material will be selected in the list.

I was looking for some info on getting a Kerkythea set-up with SketchUp and this was perfect. Dear Bruno Try to share the situation at KT forum, and trust me it is a really helpful place. This tutorial takes you through the basics assuming that you can already use SketchUp to some degreewhich should be enough for you to try out a few things of your own. The sketchup model that a staff of mine is taking too long to be exported to the kerkythea and she is blaming the software.

Can anyone advise me on what i am doing wrong please?

This time I hope to sell it in a really low price for each copy and it would be a bundle.