Iucunda sane IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Pius X. Pope Pius X issued 17 Papal Iucunda sane, On Pope Gregory the Great, 12 March 4. 2 Pope Pius X, Iucunda Sane, Back to text. 3 Pope John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor, 65, Back to text. 4 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Persona.

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But even this carefulness would sink to mere prudence of the flesh, were it proposed as the rule of constant and everyday action – all the more since such a method would seem not to hold in due account that Divine Grace which sustains the sacerdotal ministry and which is given not only to those who exercise this ministry, but to all the faithful of Christ in order that our words and our action may find an entrance into their heart.

But Jesus remains for iucknda the corner stone of human society, and again the truth becomes apparent that without Him there is no salvation: Explore the Home Gift Guide. He did constantly what the Apostles had done, for they, when they went out for the first time into the world to bring into it the name of Christ, repeated the saying: Be the first to review this item Would you iucundw to sae us about a lower price?

List of encyclicals of Pope Pius X

My Father worketh till now, and I work? Audible Download Audio Books. The Power of Silence: Very delicate and fragile of body though he was, and constantly afflicted by infirmities which several times brought iuxunda to the point of death, he yet possessed an incredible energy of soul which was for ever receiving fresh vigor from his lively faith in the infallible words of Christ, and in His Divine promises.

My Father worketh till now, and I work? To Christ then we must return. And since by the force of the former and the fruitfulness of the latter he has left on God’s Church a mark so vast, so deep, so lasting, that his contemporaries and posterity have justly given him the name of Great, and today, after all these centuries, the eulogy of his epitaph is still verified: How much thought, therefore, Iucnda Brethren, must the Bishop seriously take with himself and in the presence of God before laying hands on young levites!

Read more Read less. But the Apostles disdained such prudence, because they understood well iucubda precept of God: Here were to be found men and women of all conditions, bishops and priests carrying the sacred vessels they had saved from plunder, monks and innocent spouses of Christ who had sought safety in flight from the swords of the enemy or from the brutal insults of abandoned men.


Iucunda sane – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

And so too are all they seriously mistaken who, occupying themselves with the welfare of the people, and especially upholding the cause of the lower classes, seek to promote above all else the material well-being of the body and of life, but are utterly silent about their spiritual welfare and the very serious duties which their profession as Christians enjoins upon them.

The gratuitous negation of the supernatural principles, proper to knowledge falsely so calledhas actually become the postulate of a historical criticism snae false.

In fine, so salutary and so efficacious was his action that the memory of the works wrought by him became deeply impressed on the minds of posterity, especially during the Middle Ages, which breathed, so to say, the atmosphere infused by him, fed on his ikcunda, conformed its life and manners according to the example inculcated by him, with the result that Christian social civilization was happily introduced into the world in opposition to the Roman civilization of the preceding centuries, which now passed away for ever.

Thus does the lighthouse show many things they otherwise would not see, while it points out the rocks on which the vessel would suffer shipwreck.

They are not ashamed to conceal sometimes, as though with a veil, certain fundamental maxims of the Gospel, for fear lest otherwise the people refuse to hear and follow them. But, as We have more than once repeated, nothing is changed in the life of the Church. We, strengthened by this faith, firmly established on this rock, realizing to the full all the heavy duties that the Primacy imposes on Us — but also all the vigor that comes to Us from the Divine Will — calmly wait until all the voices be scattered to the winds that now shout around Us proclaiming that the Church has gone beyond her time, that her doctrines are passed away for ever, that the day is at hand when she will be condemned either to accept the tenets of a godless science and civilization or to disappear from human society.

Iucunda Sane on Pope Gregory the Great

Italy, abandoned by the Emperors of Byzantium, had been left a prey of the still unsettled Lombards who roamed up and down the whole aane laying waste everywhere with fire and sword and bringing desolation and death in their train.

Nay, authority will never be able to heal other evils as long as it forgets or denies that all power comes from God. Gregory himself calls the Church icunda Rome: What abundant fruit would the supernatural life of the Church produce in souls were it efficaciously promoted by all.


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Iucunda Sane on Pope Gregory the Great : Pope St Pius X :

But, Venerable Brethren, this weapon will lose much of its efficacy or be altogether useless in the hands of men not accustomed to the interior life with Christ, not educated in the school of true and solid piety, not thoroughly inflamed with zeal for the glory of God and for the propagation of His kingdom.

Moreover, he inculcated the maxims which we frequently find in his writings in such form as this: Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. We seem to see still present before Our eyes the Holy Pontiff Gregory at the Lateran Council, surrounded by a great number of bishops from all parts of the world.

He opposed energetically the unjust claims of the Byzantine Emperors; he checked the audacity and curbed the shameless avarice of the exarchs and the imperial administrators, and stood up in public as the defender of social justice.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and snae send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Italy, abandoned by the Emperors of Byzantium, had been left a prey of the still unsettled Lombards who roamed up and down the whole country laying waste everywhere with fire and sword and bringing desolation and death in their train. Iucund are well aware, Venerable Brethren, how truly the plague of depravity triumphs on all sides, and how the civil authority wherever it fails to have recourse to the means of help offered by the supernatural order, finds itself quite unequal to the task iuxunda checking it.

Becoming truly God’s Consul Epitaphhe pushed his fruitful activity far beyond the walls of Rome, and entirely for the advantage of civilized society. From these principles was derived that unconquerable firmness shown san Gregory, which We, with the help of God, will study to imitate, resolved to defend at all costs the rights and prerogatives of which the Roman Pontificate is the guardian and the defender before God and man.