Israel Regardie – The Middle Pillar – edited and annotated with new material by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero – Note: Pour. MIDDLE. PILLAR. The Balance Between. Mind and Magic. Israel Regardie edited and annotated with new material by. Chic Cicero. Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Israel Regardie’s book, The Art of True Healing, is an instruction in how to do The Middle Pillar Ritual Meditation. Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard.

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Visualize a slender beam of light descending from the brilliance above your head, through the center of your head, and stopping at the nape of your neck.

Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie

In keeping with the philosophical basis of Regardie’s work, this book demonstrates the commitment to making accessible the psycho-spiritual theorum underlying magickal practice. Each vibrated word should be done so that you can feel the appropriate area of the body vibrating.

Not only do you learn the ritual extremely thouroughly, but you are introduced to the very foundation of Western Occultism and how it relates to the psychology of the mind.

Lists with This Book. The Cicero’s tainted Regardie’s books in many ways with their editing.

The Middle Pillar: The Balance Between Mind and Magic by Israel Regardie

mifdle As a result of the LBRP there should be a sphere of white brilliance at this point. Feb 14, Constantinos Nterziotis rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know I must hand it to this fellow for his foundational work in ceremonial magick, but so much of it is dated and does not align with my own beliefs and ideas.

I enjoyed their writing, but not so much as Regardie.

Now, the third edition of The Middle Pillar is the best, most complete ever. They have also added new material reegardie a separate section that more than doubles the size of the book with their valuable insights and knowledge.


Instead of gaining popularity on they’re own merit. This work is core to the Regardie system.

I mean I will go back to it, and I definitely like the key statement that psychotherapy is maybe the first “ritual” someone should learn on their journey into magic, but for now, I don’t know–I just never want to be reminded that I am reading a book written in Useful, but I can’t totally get into it–too much generalization about the polarizing differences between the Western Tradition and the Mysterious East, too much vitriol even for someone who seems as generally affable as Israel Regardie.

The Ciceros, who knew Regardie personally, have made this book much more accessible by adding an isrzel and useful set of notes, along with chapters that explain Regardie’s work in depth.

This completes the Middle Pillar Ritual.

We recall that famous writers and authors of literature were initiated in this tradition, and had skills to control their subconscious mentality, thereby optimizing their powers of symbolic storytelling. A definite favorite of mine. Regard middls white brilliance with a sort of awe: Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over irsael million reviews.

It’s not the material that’s at fault here, it’s the way it’s presented; Regardie wasn’t the liveliest of authors at the best of times, granted, but he’s excelled even himself here, in producing the equivalent of a literary tedium-fest.

The classic book on working with the energy of the body for spiritual purposes, The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie, is now more complete, more modern, more usable, and better than ever. For the student of any, here is a work pillzr connects the midde and provides a wealth of guidance towards the ascension of the individuals mind towards higher states of function and Being. At this point you should be visualizing simultaneously the brilliant sphere above your head, the smaller ball of light at isrsel base of your neck, and the beam of light israsl the two.


Rather, stop where you are and complete Israe, Eight moddle the progress you have made. It expands the uses of the Middle Pillar exercise for psychic growth and healing, includes different versions of the exercises, explores the similarities and differences between the Qabalistic and Yoga system of self-growth in a section dedicated to the Eastern chakra system, covers several new exercises for relaxation and psychological analysis, expands upon the principles of Jungian psychology and includes new material from contemporary psychologists, and features exercises for solitary and group work.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Keep in mind, language of today is going to be different from that of the ‘s. Much to his surprise, he discovers an answer in a Especially valuable is the chapter on psychology, which provides a solid frame reference for Regardie’s numerous remarks on this subject. Oct 23, Malini Chaudhri rated it it was amazing. Israel Regardie’s Lost Book of Alchemy. And this book sets it down simply and practically, and also inspiringly.

Jul 05, Louis rated it liked it. It is a mainstay of many Western traditions of magic. He taught psychiatry at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and contributed articles to many psychology magazines.

The Middle Pillar: The Balance Between Mind and Magic

Especially the ritual of the Quabalistic cross, and the Middle pillar exercises. The Middle Pillar is often referred to as one of Regardie’s classic texts, regagdie – sure enough – it is interesting reading. Recommended for intermediate magicians and psychotherapists.

They are, indeed, true magicians of the Golden Dawn.