In this video we demonstrate how to make a bullwhip out of cord, referencing this full tutorial by Nick’s Whip Shop. Try your hand at making paracord bullwh. Adam Fieldson of WhipWorks makes beautiful bull whips by weaving nylon paracord. Here, he walks us through the painstaking process of making one of his. This is a 16 plait, 4 foot bullwhip I made out of paracord for a friend of a friend who will be using it in a circus performance. This is probably.

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In this case, I’m only doing two layers of plaiting, so this will be the overlayer. So I asked for some paracord for Christmas. For the belly, determine first how long your belly will be, then double that length for each strand. Now for the next layer.

Nylon Bullwhip

I did grind down the transition end of the tube so that it tapered to the shot loaded portion of the core strand. I looked into whipmaking and discovered a sub-genre of parachute cord paracord whips.

I’ve been meaning to post about this in here for a while, but never got around to it, mainly because trying to take meaningful pictures while making a whip is a hassle. Attempt 1 I somehow lost my leather whip I bought for 25 cent at a garage sale.

Jun 6, Posts: The second segment is the plaiting of the first belly of the whip thong, over the core. Plait until the extension cord wire gets thinner, then start dropping cords. More is learned from the actual practice of plaiting than can be from word of mouth or reading from a book. Leather requires maintenance, nylon doesn’t, you jow get leather whips wet, you can wash nylon whips, no potential for rot, etc.


Enable All Save Settings. This Leather Bull Whip is amazing! Dec 22, Posts: Wed Apr 12, If the diameter exceeds this maje, gaps will form during the plaiting of the belly. Your email address will not be published. You attach the bullwhi to the rod.

The making of a paracord bullwhip. I keep using it because it’s cheap, you can get a ridiculous amount of colors, and from a whip use perspective, it’s basically indestructible compared to leather.

Nylon Bullwhip Refine Results. If one fiber strand breaks you just lose one dot, as opposed to a whole strand. The cracker is a piece of nylon mason line I had from my tl hobby.

Timelapse: The making of a paracord bullwhip. – Ars Technica OpenForum

Then I gut the inner strands out of some paracord it’s slightly larger diameter thanso the BBs fit better and then I slide the core strand over the ground down end of the steel rod hoq I bind it on with some of the sinew.

The paracord used in nylon whipmaking is a predetermined width. A lighter Your choice 4. A foot long nail 30cm 6. Attach it, and start plaiting. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. Having made my first whip, I was ready for my secondan 8 foot bullwhip.

Paracord Bullwhip: Attempt #1 – mccuistion

Professional bullwhip movie style 6 ft. Do people still use them for livestock management or is it all “recreational” use entertainment and so on? I didn’t hoe the plaiting of the second belly. With this in mind i thought if whipmakers were paid by the hour including prep time,instead of the finished product,they would be much more expensive. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Now email address will not be published.


It has a smooth, even taper and is very easy to crack. The Thong Made with a?. Do you remove the inner strands as well? Attempt 1 How to make a Paracord Bullwhip: I know an average length for the stock is about inches, but i was going to use a couple old drumsticks of mine.

This whip is well-weighted Some people do less, some maje, and different per each whip. I am not that good of a whipmaker yet lol.

Strive to make a better product with each attempt. Basically I shot load hpw small portion of the central strand, on this whip I did 12″ of the core. It’s actually a bit longer than 4 feet though, because the handle isn’t counted in the measurement.

Tips For Tighter Plaiting 7: I work from the tip down to the handle and add strands as I go, instead of working from the handle to the tip, dropping strands as I go.

It would need a lot of light to be effective, the whip just moves so fast it wouldn’t really catch the light. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Add a 5×8 Turks Head as the Transition Knot.

This perfectly balanced bull whip.