For medium to heavy weights, the U2A load cell is an excellent choice for suspended tank weighing, as well as for band scales and metering / batchingscales. HBM > Load Cells > Tension / Compression Load Cells > U2A > U2A – Load cell 3D CAD models. 50,8. 25,4. M8. kg. M8. kg. M B‐ en. HBM. 2 . 1-U2A/5T/ZGUW. Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik .

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MB Moisture Determination Balance. Indicator Options Tru-Test Livestock. MR50 Mark Torque Sensor. Defender Xtreme Ohaus Rectangle Scale. DS Diamond S Type. Defender Ohaus Indicator. Stabiflex Scaime Tank Mount.

HBM load cell U2A with 50kg,100kg,200kg weighing scale for Additive weighting

Defender Xtreme Ohaus Scale. D Diamond Single Point. Valor Xtreme Ohaus Scale. Lead Seal Supply Part. Triple Pro Ohaus Mechanical. Loop Converter for Printers. TW Avoirdupois Troemner Weights. Heavy Duty Totalcomp Base. Spherical Washer Pair Mounting.


Eye Bolt Totalcomp Mounting. U2A – Data Sheet Japanese. Heavy Duty Floor Scale Base. The U2A load cell has proven to be useful in thousands of applications and is available with maximum capacities ranging between 50 kg and 20 t. Additionally, the U2A load cell is available with other maximum capacities and accuracy classes 0. Scale Pit T Belting. Defender Basic Ohaus Base. Beam Feet – Metric Mounting. GB – General Sensor. Toledo Mounting assembly parts.

MR01 Mark Force Sensor. DSR – Celtron Transducers.

Call us at Pioneer Analytical and Precision Balance. Analog to Digital Totalcomp Digital. Rod Ends Totalcomp Mounting. GS – General Sensor.

TM Precision Health Scale. TC Adjustable Totalcomp Mounting.

U2A – Load cell

Ideal force application through self-restoring design The load hb can be screw-mounted with an integrated adapter to reduce the height of construction. Individual offer Technical advice Fast response. NS Nikkei S Type. Armor Braid Totalcomp Cable. Low Profile Detecto Scale. Nikkei Summing Junction Box. GDE16 General Sensor, beam only.


U2A Legal-For-Trade Tension and Compression Load Cell | HBM

Power Supply Cord Supply Part. Ranger Counting Scale.

UB6 Flintec S Type. The variants with kg, 1 t, 2 t, and 5 t maximum capacity meet the D1 accuracy class. Explorer Pro Ohaus Industrial. LP Intercomp Wheel Load.