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Sungur Savran, Versus Kitap, Ocaks. On the other hand, little is known regarding the scope of victims targeted.

Full text of “A Reign of Terror: CUP Rule in Diyarbekir Province, “

Without a formal declaration of war, Enver ordered the Ottoman navy to immediately bomb the Russian shore, destroying oil tanks and sinking 14 vessels. In eastern Anatolia the Gypsies were named Taeihi or Kereci.

On 24 January he was assigned to the governorship of Diyarbekir, which he occupied until 24 November The Ottoman Empire was now officially allied to Germany and on account of the treaty was inevitably obliged in this political constellation to prepare for war. Tauris,bibliography.

The people were gathered and a proclamation was read out loud, offering the Armenians their lives in exchange for conversion to Islam.

Our organization is a purely Turkish one. The Russians expressed ambivalence in judgement but in essence were not interested.

However, in practice the city was often the final destination for many deportees. We gathered silverware, some clothes, two rugs, a Bible, soap, some family photographs. Regicl amplified the anti-Armenian persecution into an anti-Christian persecution, and by the time he was reproached for this policy, it was too late.

From there on they were deported to the south. Between Diyarbekir and Mardin he discovered a naked year old Armenian girl who had become orphaned in the preceding massacres. Universite de Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne,p. This study will analyze the wartime history of Diyarbekir province, vesikalae has been selected because of its centrality in the Ottoman Empire.


Türkiyə İstiqlaliyyət müharibəsi – Vikipediya

In order to fully commit myself to a more or less thorough study 4 of an aspect of the genocide, I opted for the one-year MA programme that the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies offered at the University of Amsterdam. Tribal interests and loyalties were superordinated to religious interests and loyalties.

This organization was established in early and served two purposes: Those that managed to swim and emerge to the surface were shot dead. Contrary to the NSDAP, the CUP did not have fesikalar time and power to prepare, implement, and consolidate this operation before the war, therefore the Gleichschaltung of provincial bureaucracies was often fulfilled impromptu during the war.

Atrihi was accused of espionage for dergisu Entente Powers and would be sent to the court-martial.


He then personally mshed to the front in a self-sacrificial attempt to fight along the ranks of Ottoman troops but was sent back. In the summer ofthe government declared him persona non grata and ordered him arrested and incarcerated. They wanted to avoid the possibility of being conscripted into the Ottoman army and to be sent off to an almost certain death, at the front or in the labour battalions.

The gendarmes began cracking the whip and we began to move vesiklar a big mass toward the New Gate from where I could see a long snakish line of Armenians moving around the city walls going south. Revue d’histoire armenienne contemporaine, vol. Sazonov, ancien ministre des Fergisi Etrangeres de Russie Paris: The Christians were torn between fear and hope: Tie saw hundreds of bodies burned to ashes. During the war Qarabashi was a theology student at the Syriac monastery Deyr-ul Zaferan. The American Historical Reviewpp.

The courageous bandit Chechen Hamid, resident of the town of Rejadiye in the Bergama district, has requested help to assist the army with some of derfisi comrads and if allowed, form a significant corps in Diyarbekir. The murderous violence against the Christian and especially Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire had long reached genocidal dimensions due to its organized, systematic, and categoric nature.


Sarafian, United States [n. This book was first published in Spanish as Cuatro ahos bajo la media luna Madrid: Previously he had held this office in Basra and Mosul. Nobody was to open his or her mouth about the events, and any news of the massacres was to be suppressed.

Chemin faisant, nous parlions souvent politique en voiture. Until recently, scholarly studies on the CUP have expounded on its genesis, organizational stmcture, cadre, and ideology.

Vartkes Serenguliandeputy for Erzumm and Krikor Zohrabauthor and deputy for Istanbul. With a generous grant each, their financial support facilitated my research greatly.

Chaldean Rescue,pp. Memduh moved into the house of the notable Syriac family Yonan and began organizing the process of persecution. The tributaries of the Tigris cut ravines into the limestone ridges, and in their flanks were occasional huts built out of the rock, where Kurds lived.

He listened to the stories about the massacres and replied to an employee at the German Embassy named Dr. The CUP regarded the capitulations as humiliating 17 and did not wait long to confront them: Especially from the Balkan wars on, ethnic-minority members of parliament often polemicized with CUP members about the laws of Turkification they continuously issued.

Samimi, deli dolu, renkli, keyifli. With the assistance of his former henchmen, he escaped from prison and lived incognito at various Istanbul addresses.

Back in Diyarbekir, the militiamen sold the expensive clothing they had taken from the victims on the market. Berhem,p. The corporal gestured to the crowd to shut up. After the revolution ofhe became member of parliament for Edime, and inhe rose to the rank of Minister of the Interior. Galip Vardar, ittihat ve Terakki iginde Donenler istanbul: