Aug 3, Maptor Handheld Map Projector. The GPS function that’s included is no joke though, and it’ll pin-point your location on any map which. A GPS navigation device, GPS receiver, or simply GPS is a device that is capable of receiving information from GPS satellites and then to calculate the device’s. Aug 27, Maptor is a compact and stylish concept device that will resolve these Moreover, this device includes a GPS that will indicate your exact.

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The designers Jin-Sun Park and Seon-Keun Park have discovered Maptor, a projector of personal maps that is going to outdate the typical paper maps. The projector will help you see the map, zoom in or out and mark your location on the map.

Obstructed lines of sight may arise from a tree canopy amptor inside a structure, such as in a building, garage or tunnel.

Uncle Bugs: GPS Location Map Torch Light : Maptor

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. However, mapor mobile network part of the A-GPS technology would not be available when the smartphone is outside the range of the mobile reception network, while the GPS aspect would otherwise continue to be available.

Whether you are looking for good restaurants that you can try as you visit Asian destinations or are in search of the most affordable holiday apartments in Europethe articles and reviews on this page should be able to help you. If it is sensitive data, the can not store it since this amounts to a privacy violation. Viaggiareblog Viaggiatoriweb weirdnewsfiles Worth-seeing.

It is clear that the device is not intended for viewing the map for a long time otherwise one would have to protect the hand from overheating. Retrieved 30 November Retrieved 4 October Due in part to regulations encouraging mobile phone trackingincluding Ethe majority of GPS receivers are built into mobile telephoneswith varying degrees of coverage and user accessibility.

The two students designed this concept and gave it the name Maptor map and projector. Maptor is a device no bigger than a mini-torch, which contains a GPS-navigator, a map and a projector. Mator off that smartphone, tablet GPS”. GPS maps and directions are occasionally imprecise.


Retrieved 21 March The phone downloads a file to help it locate GPS maphor more quickly and reduce the time to first fix. Everything is more or less clear with the GPS-navigator and map, but the projector is the highlight of this device: Later, as smartphone technology developed, a GPS chip eventually became standard equipment for most smartphones.

Also, several additional manufacturers of these systems, such as GarminBenefonMio and TomTom entered the market.

g;s I think it will be cool gadget for hunters. Archived from the original on 10 June Other receivers, often called mobile are intended primarily for use in a car, but have a small rechargeable internal battery that can power them for an hour or two away from the car.

GPS devices are also used by private investigators to give more information to their clients. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Inin the wake of the tragedy of the downing of the Korean Airlines Flightan aircraft which was shot down while in Soviet airspace due to a navigational error, President Reagan made the navigation capabilities of the existing military GPS system available for dual civilian use. Guys Could you please tell us from where we can buy this devise.

Still, the idea may seem to mwptor good for those that do not want to combine all daily productivity into their cellphone and still want the GPS navigation. Military applications include devices similar to consumer sport products for foot soldiers commanders and regular soldiers fps, small vehicles and ships, and devices similar to commercial aviation applications for aircraft and missiles.

This is well below the thermal noise level in its bandwidth. Last May [], the North Yorkshire County Council in England put up signs at the entrance to a gravel track declaring it “unsuitable for motor vehicles” after navigation systems had sent drivers on it as a shortcut between two valleys.


Anti Gravity Smartphone Case Aug 21, The device combines the characteristics of a map and a projector and that allows it to display a map on any surface, from a wall to the palm of your hand. When they were found five days later, her son had died from the effects of heat and dehydration. matpor

GPS Navigator Maptor

Moreover, some rental maptod services use the same technique to prevent their customers from going mzptor of their targeted area. If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! Only one concern, wonder what is the effective battery life since it consumes higher current drawn with continuously screen projection as this is another important factor that needs to be put under consideration.

High Sensitivity GPS can provide positioning in japtor but not all indoor locations. Retrieved from ” https: Moreover, it is also difficult to pinpoint your exact location on a paper map.

Unfortunately, the Maptor is only a conceptual design at this time and is therefor not available for purchase.

Maptor Handheld Map Projector

InMagellan Navigation Inc. Archived from the original on 5 June The basic idea is to concentrate […]. Hand-heldoutdooror sport receivers have replaceable batteries that can run them for several hours, making them suitable for hikingmaptoe touring and other activities far from an electric power source.

In August a young mother and her six-year-old son became stranded in Death Valley after following GPS directions that led her up an unpaved dead end road. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will maptir be published.

This section does not cite any sources. I think it will be cool gadget for hunters. Have any idea how much its cost??! Skiing by Sarah Park.