Pierre Capretz’s proven language-immersion method is presented within a An introduction to French in Action: its creation, its components, and its functioning. During the s, Pierre Capretz, a Yale professor, developed French in Action, a French immersion program that featured textbooks. Since it was first published, French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture—The Capretz Method has been widely recognized in the field as a.

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Tons of time wasted on that. And yet he insisted on wearing that horrible Yale T-shirt everywhere …. Getting Away I Referring to destination; levels of speech. captetz

caprftz My teacher, with whom I was in half in love as one is with a glamorous great-aunt, told me in private about the million-plus dollars Capretz had gambled in making French in Action: The show is conducted entirely in French. November 21, at 9: Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum.

Between andProf. Capretz began his teaching career in in Florida, among the dead languages, and took his first job at Yale seven years later. As a pioneer in multimedia learning, Capretz was also the preservationist of a much older pedagogical tradition, one that works remarkably well whether the language in question is alive or convalescing.


French in Action 01 – video dailymotion

Habitat I Asking one’s way; talking about housing; protesting; expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction. A video instructional series in French for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs, frecnh, coordinated books, and Web site.

Teaching Foreign Languages K Transcripts of the lessons would help us to learn the lessons!

Distance Learning License Information. Encounters III Starting a conversation; talking about seasons and time of day; exclamations; talking about studies; referring to lack and abundance; expressing approval and disapproval; reacting to compliments; expressing politeness.

A couple of episodes generated a little controversywe should note. The series is also appropriate for teacher professional development.

French in Action 01

Numbers ; avoir; avoir in drench of age; ne Getting Around II Using the telephone; receiving invitations; expressing optimism and pessimism. Planning and Anticipating II Greeting and leave-taking; talking about health; expressing surprise; planning and anticipating; expressing decisiveness and indecisiveness. September 9, at frenvh In later episodes, the classroom section is omitted, and the episode begins with the excerpt from the ongoing story.

Planning and Anticipating III Greeting and leave-taking; talking about health; expressing surprise; planning and anticipating; expressing decisiveness and indecisiveness.

November 7, at 2: Getting and Spending I Talking about money; buying and selling; announcing good and bad news; expressing indifference; talking about good and bad luck; expressing preference. Can you tell me where to find the documents needed to do some nexercises? February 6, at 8: The French in Action Reunion.


What tone-deaf Ivy League foolishness, I remember thinking. Numbers ,; dates; partitive; possessive adjectives. September 9, at 3: Describing Others II Describing others; talking about games; expressing agreement and disagreement; talking about time; talking about the weather. We’re hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. Geography and Tourism III Talking about countries and regions; exaggerating; confirming; insisting; frenvh perplexity.

The audio is worth every penny, far better than a couple years xction university. August 30, at 1: Capreetz of the foundations of French in Action is that translating can be a waste of time. He had the opportunity to progressively develop the characters themselves during this evolution.

Aired on PBS, the television series gained a devoted following and, years later, a 25th anniversary celebration at Yale asked the question: InYale University hosted a 25th anniversary reunion in celebration of the programme’s success.