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As Garcia Llerena has pointed out, the only way to escape relativism — and also its opposite, absolutism — is to turn to an objective and transcultural referent: That is why conscientious objection is so important. He proposes, furthermore, that dialogue allows us to become aware of the inevitable prejudices that accompany understanding.


Following Heidegger, Gadamer shows that all understanding is continuously determined by the anticipatory movement of pre-comprehension All understanding is determined by the anticipatory movement of pre-understanding. For these authors, it is important to note that the doctor shares with the patient a mortal body, which is also vulnerable. For this reason, for Aristotle, prudence is a practical, truthfully ediforial form of being in terms of what is good and bad for man. In fact, the object of the humanities is precisely man and what he knows of himself.

Final considerations There is a hermeneutic dimension to the doctor-patient relationship. Modern hermeneutics deals with the conditions of edittorial possibilities of human understanding. Training is not experience, which is a incomaco knowledge, but it can be updated and refreshed like experience if the humanities are seen as moral sciences, the understanding of which constitutively involves their application to the present.

Ética Nicomáquea: Ética Eudemia – Aristóteles, Julio Pallí Bonet – Google Books

Similarly, in the world of law, the just is the person who wants to give to each their own. Finally, the fact that all interpretation is tentative, and that more than one meaning is always possible, should not be overlooked. Libro VI, 9, b Hermeneutics, on the other hand, is capable of dealing with multiple contexts, which is its most useful feature. The problem comes with difficult cases. Precisely because of this, Aristotle stresses the importance of knowledge for the prudent.


This dialogue is not merely theoretical, however, but applies to the texts or people we try to understand eitca each moment. Health is an end that qualifies the measures conducive to it as truly good.

A doctor with a humanistic background is better prepared to make decisions. Nature and natural law in contemporary philosophical and theological debates: It is a state of internal measurement that is not easily determined through simple objective evaluation. For MacIntyre all reasoning takes place within the context of a traditional way of thinking. How to cite this article. Update Hermeneutics and decision making editoriak clinical ethics.

Specifically, Leder aligns himself with the hermeneutics of suspicion in the manner of Ricoeur, because, he claims, neither the patient nor the physician are aware of the underlying relations of power such as the market, consumerism, and gender As Conill points out, the central concept of training, such as the ingredients of practical humanistic knowledge common sense, judgment and tastehas a recognized moral significance.

In short, medicine participates to some extent as phronesisbut for the above reasons — it is directed at a particular good and at another subject — it seems to be closer to the techne.

Nickmaco world is a criterion of correction.

That is why Gadamer affirms: Ethics, clinical; Hermeneutics; Decision making. Thus for Aristotle, prudence — as far as it serves health in the broader context of a good life — is the true and practical rational mode of respecting what is good and bad for man But it is not just about listening to the patient.

Clinical ethics as medical hermeneutics. If the patient does not have a health problem — in the broadest sense of the term — the dialogue between doctor and patient as such lacks does not make sense.


In this type of cases, two basic types of good are at stake, respectively: But it overlooks the fact that dialogue, according to Gadamer, is directed towards truth.

The question is why it occurs.

In general, it must be said that every reading must contain an application You cannot understand the other if you do not understand the world. Junges proposes completing the casuistic approach with a hermeneutics of suspicion that interprets the ethical, anthropological and socio-cultural assumptions that determine how the realities of life and health are understood in the current society and culture Commenting on Gadamer, Grondin points out that a distinctive feature of humanism is not to produce measurable results, but rather to contribute to training The role of medical ethics is not so much to explain and apply ethical theories and principles, but to interpret and evoke all that encompasses moral experience: All previous hermeneutic approaches emphasize the need for the physician and patient to listen to each other.

Thus it is found that mere intersubjectivity is not enough to escape relativism. In understanding, one does not only dialogue with a text — or a patient — but also editoial tradition. This consists of an anticipation rtica meaning which guides understanding in an inescapable manner, as it constitutes a structural ontological moment of such comprehension In the field of the humanities, dialogue is directed at the discovery of things. This theory takes into consideration four parameters The history of Wamba: Instead, the work of physicians is guided by a series of cultural assumptions about the nature of the world and of the body and the consequence of the historical evolution of medical knowledge.

If the doctor and the patient are prudent, agreement will be easier.