With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom to. Editorial Reviews. Review. An Essay by Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg. As featured on There have been a lot of big. With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom.

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So when I finished, Klinengerg started thinking about a next project that would continue the theme, and I got funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to do a bigger follow up study on living alone and social isolation in American life. When I got deeper into the research, I realized that, in fact, only a small number of people who are living alone are actually isolated, or lonely, and that I was really only looking at a very narrow part of the story.

Towards the end Klinenberg looks to the Nordic states for housing policies that the US could learn from, while noting that the political environment in urban America is not at all conducive to their adoption.

The book deals with various aspects of living alone, including its persistent negative stigma and the fears and worries of klinenbefg who choose this lifestyle, more specifically: However, I didn’t see a lot of the ‘surprising appeal’ that the title promised me hashed out in the text itself.

And that certainly was not as easy to do before the s. I was happy to see that this book is not toing to endorse or disapprove any specific lifestyle. Apparently not only are women no longer stigmatized for living alone, this is a worldwide trend! I’m not used to saying kinenberg that way because The next thing, I would say, is that we live today in a culture of hyperconnection, or overconnection.

Women are followed by young professionals, who make up the second largest group of singles, and then seniors who make up the smallest segment of the solo-dwelling population. The Economist Aug Trivia About Going Solo: Preview — Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg. The New YorkerMay 28 — The United States invests far more in disaster recovery than in preparing for disasters by designing and creating more resilient buildings and infrastructure. There was also a lot about the strug I was pretty disappointed by this book.


In fact, people who live alone tend to spend more time socializing with friends and neighbors than people who are married.

Going Solo

The first, and sllo profound, thing to do is acknowledge that solo living is actually a fantasy underwritten by the very real presence of the family, communities and the state. And then there came this new trend that has literally changed everything—the digital age. After reading this book and the many case studies of “singletons” listed therein, it turns out the only demographic who find this lifesyle appealing are white, divorced, middle-age American women with sucessful careers who want to have their sex-cake now and eat it too.

America’s Most Revolutionary Artist.

Descriptions of strong social connections, both physical and via technology, acknowledge the rise of networking sights, smart phones, and constant connection, and the suggestion that those going solo are more likely to have an extensive network of friends they rely on for companionship and support are spot on.

The saving grace of this emphasis is the fact that Klinenberg goes out of his way to back up his statements with facts and evidence, and also goes out of his way to deal with the more egregiously incorrect and misleading statements made by marriage advocates and other public eeic who attack those who live alone as a klinenbeerg problem.

He deconstructs that living alone isn’t necessarily kinenberg bad thing, that just because one ends up alone does not mean they have failed.

And during the research for that book, I got to spend some time learning about the rise of living alone, and specifically aging alone. Books by Eric Klinenberg. Two stars for the outright lie-there is no surprising appeal of living alone. I guess the most surprising appeal of the solo lifestyle this book is so quick to vilidate is the utter lack of responsibility we adults have to children.

I also have been wondering what evidence there is to support the differing opinions about living alone versus co-habitating.

Between marriages I lived alone for a decade, basically. Drawing on over three hundred in-depth interviews with men and women of all ages and every class, Klinenberg reaches a startling conclusion: They have played a big role in reanimating central cities.


Today, more gokng 50 percent of American adults are single, and 31 million, roughly one out of every seven adults, live alone. I am very happy to have had that time, both when I was both single and living solo and when I was only one or the other.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg

SROs — single room occupancy facilities — started in the s as “plain hotels for plain people”, but are now essentially hostels for capitalism’s casualties. This rush to singleness is hardly confined to America: These real-life Golden Girls know only too well that if they remarry, they will soon end up as full-time carers all over again. Going Solo is an attempt to fill goiing the blanks— to explain the causes and consequences of living alone, and to describe what it looks in everyday life.

Today, more than 50 percent of American adults are single, and 31 million, roughly one out of eve A revelatory examination of the most significant demographic shift since the Baby Boom – the sharp increase in the erci of people who live alone – that offers surprising insights on the benefits of this epochal change.

Klineberg spends more time talking about other constituencies that are living alone more and more, dric the poor especially men and the elderly.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

Starred Review of Palaces for soll People in Booklist. She never struck me as sad or lonely. How will I go about meeting my s This book presented a ton of interesting facts on the phenomenon of living alone in a city, however none of them were outright shocking, or too far afield of what I would have guessed.

They do not intend to live alone permanently. I wonder how much longer living alone can continue to increase when housing affordability is deteriorating so markedly in urban Britain.