Link. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Title. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Attachments. Created at 11/18/ AM by System Account. Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. ยง ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Chapter XVI; DoD Supplemental Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Part . DoD R. 51FSS Links. 51FSS Magazine; Events Calendar; 51FSS Facebook; 51FSS Twitter; 51FSS Flickr; 51FSS Instagram; 51FSS YouTube; Interactive.

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If the Ethics Counselor disagrees with the supervisor’s evaluation that no item violates or appears to violate applicable laws or regulations, then the Ethics Counselor shall do the following:.

File:DoD R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes ).pdf – Wikimedia Commons

Avoid any activity that would affect the public’s confidence in the integrity of the Federal Government, even if it is not an actual violation of the law. Provide sufficient resources to enable the command’s or organization’s Ethics Counselors to implement and administer the local aspects of the command’s 55007.-r organization’s ethics program in a positive and effective manner; d.

Both the act of soliciting and the act of selling as a result of soliciting are prohibited. Information on Covered Positions. Reference a a Divestiture. When the Ethics Counselor determines that a reporting individual has complied fully with the remedial measures, a notation to that effect shall be made on the OGE Form The Secretary designates the following as combat zones under this subparagraph.

To provide opportunity for everyone, military and civilian, to rise to as high a level of responsibility as possible, dependent only on individual talent and diligence. Maintain a current copy of this Regulation, and all changes, for review by any DoD employee. Prohibition Under 18 U.

DOD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes 1-7.

Such authorization may not extend to participation in the day-to-day operations of the entity, nor involve the expenditure of appropriated funds except in the direct support of the employee.


An IEO described in subsection Attorneys who serve as Ethics Counselors must advise individuals being counseled as to the status of that privilege prior to any communications. The Director, Washington Headquarters Services shall:. Information generally not available to the public, obtained in the course of one’s official DoD duties or position, which would normally not be releasable under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.

To attract to the Department of Defense people with ability, dedication, and capacity for growth. For example, if the Ethics Counselor adds to a report that a certain fund is an excepted investment fund based on a telephone conversation with the reporting individual, he shall number and initial the change on Schedule A and add a notation in the comment section of the report such as, “1.

Current and former DoD employees may obtain counseling and written advice concerning post-employment restrictions from the Ethics Counselor of the DoD Component command or organization from which they are leaving, or have left, Federal Government service. Make ethics and procurement integrity training for ethics trainers available dor an ongoing basis to ensure that Qualified Individuals are uniformly 55007-r to provide such training.

Other solutions may not be clearly unethical but may be questionable. Information on Covered Positions Market value shall have the meaning set forth at 5 C. Acceptance from Non-Federal Sources a. Courtesy and kindness, both to those we serve and to those we work with, help to ensure that individuals are not treated solely as a means to an end. Maintain a thorough understanding of current DoD ethics policy through contact with the DoD Component DAEO, attendance at periodic ethics training courses, and other appropriate methods.


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Open-mindedness and impartiality are important aspects of fairness. See instructions at 5 C. Information transmitted over an open network such as through unsecure e-mail, the internet, or telephone may be accessible to anyone else on the network. Statutory and related prohibitions, restrictions, and requirements The name, position, grade, organization and entrance-on-duty or termination date of each individual assigned to the DoD Component who is required to file a new entrant or termination OGE Formimmediately upon the appointment of the individual to a position requiring filing, or upon receipt of an SF 52, “Request for Dof Action,” Augustrequesting approval of the retirement, resignation, or removal of the individual from such a position.

Lack of respect leads to a breakdown of loyalty and honesty within a government and brings chaos to the international community. Liaisons may not be involved in matters of management or control of the non-Federal entity. do

File:DoD 5500.07-R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes 1-7).pdf

The supporting non-Federal entity may be permitted to mention its support in conference materials, but not in terms which imply that it is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event.

There are special DoD rules governing gifts from foreign governments. The head of a DoD Component command or organization may provide, on a limited basis, the use of DoD facilities and equipment and the services of DoD employees necessary to make proper use of the equipmentas logistical support of a charitable fundraising event sponsored by a non-Federal entity when the head of the DoD Component command or organization determines 1 through 6 of subsection