The Damocles Crusade (also known as the Damocles Gulf Crusade) was a major campaign against the Tau Empire by the Imperium of Man. The Crusade was based around a dozen capital starships of the Imperial Navy, five As Imperial forces now made preparations to cross the Damocles Gulf. Gathered within this anthology are four action-packed novellas focusing on the cataclysmic campaign in the Damocles Gulf. Each tale sheds light on a different.

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Submit a new link. Dal’yth Prime was protected by three Tau orbital stations and, cruasde the recent combat, these crusxde approached much more cautiously. This seduction has proved effective in the galactic backwater of crusaxe Damocles Gulf. As Imperial forces now made preparations to cross the Damocles Gulf, Imperial ships launched an orbital bombardment of the Tau world of Viss’el after finding it had no strategic value.

Overnight, the Tau troops disengaged and fell back to a new defensive line beyond Gel’bryn. Forming his Titans up with the Brimlock Regiments, he was able to strike at the Tau right flank and trap them against the sea as Imperial Navy fighters struck Tau airfields in costly but effective actions that kept Tau air support from the front.

The first seeds of cooperation between the Imperium and the Tau Empire were sown, though these would take time vamocles bloom in the aftermath of such a brutal conflict. Ads by Project Wonderful! Alarmed by this, Inquisitorial investigation of the worlds in question indeed found evidence of Tau activity. This proved costly as the station had been fitted with an array of heavy railguns, its first volley crippling an Imperial cruiser, with eleven Tau ships emerging behind the planet to support it.

Facing Tau jump troops equipped with cloaking fields, the Imperial spearhead was broken up into three separate wedges in the woods of Gel’bryn. This was countered by Tau Manta missile destroyers, the same craft that had been launched in the earlier space battles from the Tau warships. Inquisitorial investigation of the dissident worlds by the Ordo Hereticus revealed evidence of Tau activity in adjoining sectors.

And they believe these lies! The negotiations were successful and the Imperial fleet withdrew from Tau space unmolested, primarily due to the impending approach of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth.

These initial contacts ranged from Rogue Trader to Tyranid levels of hostility, and somehow the Water caste was able to figure out that these were just remnants or willing outcastes of an incomprehensibly large galactic empire. Army forces Two assault armies 1 siege army 1 standard army. Light of the Emperor, Shine from my eyes, Ensure the alien surely dies. Rather than do the sensible thing that would have ended the war then and there, like have Terminators teleport next to the shield generator to destroy it, or have Assault Marines drop in to destroy it like they were doing earlier in the exact same fucking bookthe Imperium decides to engage in a proper static fight their specialtyin this case an offensive siege.


Damocles Gulf Crusade

The Tau grav-tank called the Hammerhead appeared to be a close match for the Imperial Guard’s Leman Russ main battle tank and the Tau proved very adept at supporting their armour with Fire Warrior and Battlesuited infantry. White Scars retaliated with FOUL SORCERY psychic storms, conjured by their Stormseer conclave turns out the librarian survived the melta shot from the previous bookbut once again it was while effective, not effective enough to do anything but buy more time.

Departmento Cartographicae Map of the Damocles Gulf.

The seeds of rebellion had long been cultivated by the Tau and now bore traitorous fruit as samocles Imperial Governor declared himself free of the shackles of the Imperium’s rule. Interestingly the Imperium used their escorts on the orbital station guof of devoting their ships to the fighting, which turned out to be the correct thing to do as while they took heavy losses, they were more effective against it then they had been against the Warships where they’d performed terribly.

Thus they are not predators and fighting is unnatural to them. The third wedge were made up of Space Marines from the Ultramarines, Iron Hands, and Scythes of the Emperor chapters, who found themselves bogged down by the Tau’s own elite shock troops: The Tau ambush had damodles very close to succeeding and brought a new respect for the Tau as combatants to the Imperial fleet.

Damocles Gulf – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

If you want to share your fleet builds with the sub this would be a great way to. This empire was so vast that any overt aggression on the Tau’s part might lead to the outright destruction of their nascent empire and the extinction of their species. The influence of the Tau thus spread further and more rapidly into the Imperium than any amount of military conquest could have taken it, until a swathe of human worlds were trading with the Tau Empire damoclws preference to the Imperium’s own merchant trade cartels and Rogue Traders.

Making use of the newly acquired starport, General Gauge began to evacuate his forces from Dal’yth.


[IMPERIAL]Second Damocles Gulf Crusade IC/OOC | SpaceBattles Forums

The Imperial crysade broke formation just as 11 Tau starships emerged from behind the bulk of Pra’yen. The second wedge was predominately made up of veterans from the Rakarshan Rifleswhose intelligent use of cover kept them out of harm’s way but who still found themselves bogged down by Kroot warriors at close range.

The conclusion was that they represented a major threat and Cardinal Esau Gurney of the world of Brimlock called for an Imperial Crusade to be dispatched to purge the aliens. Men and Women of the Imperial Guard, you have been chosen to participate in a glorious mission for the Immortal Emperor.

[IMPERIAL]Second Damocles Gulf Crusade IC/OOC

GarmilatorJun 12, Yes, my password is: This set an overall tone for all White Damocpes engagements for the rest of crusade. In the ensuing gulr vacuum, the Tau Empire expanded, claiming for themselves those human worlds that came to be known as the Farsight Enclaves. The word should be struck from the language. Oberon-class battleship “Litany of Litany’s Litany” 2 additional battleships: The Crusade forces were allowed to withdraw back into Imperial space unmolested, allowing the Fire Caste to swiftly reclaim those Tau Sept worlds it had lost to the Imperium’s offensive gullf the outset of the conflict.

Soon Tau technology flowed through the human markets, yet with nobody on this formerly loyal planet noticing anything strange going on. Previously the Tau had been unaware of samocles true size of the Imperium. Two hundred and fifty years after the crusade, Dwmocles Farsight finally achieved mastery of Puretide ‘s way of war.

To begin with the drop was contested by large numbers of Tau flyers, and while the drop was eventually successful it bought the Tau the time they needed to set up. The Crusade fleet attacked immediately, but found the Tau starships to be capable of launching powerful torpedo salvos at long range, breaking up the Imperial formation.

Protected to the north by mountains and to the east by the sea, a gu,f advance southwest put the Imperial invasion force before the first of a number of major Tau cities along the coast.

The humans you will meet on the Crusade are little more than drones in thrall to their xenos overlords. You have a default of 2 Companies; the 2nd Company and the 3rd Company.