The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. The Hevajra Tantra is a non-dual, Yogini tantra of the late Mantrayāna tradition. The concealed essence of the Hevajra Tantra: with the commentary Yogaratnamālā. Responsibility: translated into English and edited by G.W. Farrow and I. : The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala (English and Sanskrit Edition) () by G.W.

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The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala by G.W. Farrow

Within the cycle of the Hevajra T antra the master is the one who leads the aspirant far away from unmeritorious natures. In this manner it is said that the Bhagavan is ofthe nature of semen sukra andthatBliss yevajra the beloved.

We are indebted to Professor Snellgrove essencw making available the critical texts of both the Hevajra Tantra and the Yogaratnamala. The disciple vows, on dire consequences, not to reveal the mandala to the uninitiated and heajra then blindfolded and throws a flower into tantrw mandala.

By this kind of wise reasoning Vajrasattva, the Adamantine Being is so called. The rite of consecration was deemed crucial because it directly indicates ofthe stages of reversal, refinement, union and actualization which lead to full enlightenment. It is said srutam, ‘heard’, refers to that which is heard, that is, the full essfnce of the doctrine regarding the Innate nature heard in the assembly of devotees.

The tantric system of language analysis found in the Hevajra Tantra and Yogaratnamala will now be demonstrated. A Note Regarding the Translation In our survey of Buddhist tantric literature we found the Hevajra Tantra and the commentary Yogaratnamala to be fine examples of the tantric compositional style.

The four components which comprise the method for the Mild Stage of the Sole Hero yoga are described.

This direct personal experience svasamvedyam is gained as a result ofthe merit accrued by diligently following the Means, the guru’s instructions. In turn the effect of the interplay of these traits with the senses and the subsequent reactions and responses go on to create the fully formed personality.

Mark Dyczkowski for his appraisal and constructive criticism of our translation. These three realms comprise the Source of Nature, the Dharmodaya.

The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala

In the light ofthe direct personal experience of the True Principle of Wisdom all manifestations are viewed as equal. The Songs and the Dances will be described shortly.


Many of the technical terms found in the Hevajra Tantra are to be found in earlier Hmayana and Mahayana essdnce. This Wisdom view is the basis for the technique of transformation which is applied by means of the concealed essences in the Process of Generation.

Therefore whatever exists concealled conceived as being of the same supreme xL The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra Adorning our limbs with bone-omaments, here we enter the corpse. The rules and mantras for the performance of fire-sacrifices are given.

Anastasia added it Aug 15, The limited expression of Enlightened Consciousness is known by marking of the first three Joys. In the Process of Perfection, by the refined utilization of the generated forms, the absolute nature of the Enlightened Consciousness in terms ofthe Great Bliss, can be revealed and actualized.

The Innate is defined. In India the careful assessment and choice of disciples was carried out by the lineage gurus. A very elaborate system of tantric language analysis is to be found in Candrakirti’s Pradipodyotana commentary on the Guhyasamaja Tantra. In order to completely and clearly define the hevajrw of the method of generating the Enlightened Consciousness, the Innate nature, the Hevajra Tantra 2.

By this process of cause and effect the conception of a solid notion of personality is gradually formed. The components of the preliminary practices common to all Bud- dhist yogas are mentioned. The Sole Hero yoga is described. This opening state- ment of doctrine begins with the crucial phrase evam maya srutam Thus have I heard. The Circle of the Yoginiis described from the view-point of the Process of Completion.

At these gatherings the Songs and the Dances were also offered.

The role of mantra, austerity and bevajra from the point of view of the Enlightened Consciousness are discussed. Therefore, we decided to trans- late both the Hevajra Tantra and the Y ogaratnamala. The utility ofthe Process of Generation in regard to the practice of the Process of Completion essencee described by way of analogies. The text of the Y ogaratnamala which we have translated is to a large extent the same as the one found in D. Therefore, in India the moral welfare of the practitioners and the correct attitude towards the radical practices of the tantric lineages was guarded by the careful selection convealed employed by the tantric gums.


These qualities mixed with magical accomplish- ments give hints as to the stature of this awesome and unconventional yogi.

Full text of “Hevaraja, Concealed Essence Of The Hevajra Tantra Farrow Menon MLBD”

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The utilization ofthe Prajna, the Wisdom consort, during the Consecra- tion Rite and the subsequent practice is the view ofthe style of transmis- sion and ofthe method found in the Hevajra Tantra and the commentary the Yogaratnamala by Krsnacarya.

The components of the adamantine body are described. This statement indicates the centers of the Body, Speech and Mind which are located in the Buddha realms within the yogi’s body. These are the hevajrw towards the Mahamudra Accomplish- ment. After that the gum commands the disciple saying: The meaning of the symbolic objects held by the goddess Nairatmya and the corpse the goddess stands upon are given.

The Muktavali incorporates and amplifies the interpretation found in the Yogaratnamala.

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The use of concealed essences in the Processes of Completion and Perfection will be demonstrated in the following paragraphs. These concealed yantra are hidden in all bodies. Now the commentary on these units by Krsnacaryapada. In this respect the methods found in the Hevajra Tantra indicate that they are for those inclined to great passion and emotion. Enlightenment, in tantric hevaajra, is the direct personal experience of the final culminating stabilized meditative state, the Sunyatasamadhi, the Stabilised Meditative State of Voidness.

The Mahasiddhas or Great Accomplishers were the synthesizers and system- atzers of the tantric tradition during the classic tantric period between the fifth century and the thirteenth century A. Study of these texts will indicate the real necessity for a competent and well versed tantric gum in order to be consecrated into the tantric method of practice.

Therefore by means of this empowering feast the theories, practices and experiences of the Processes are taught and directly experienced.