When Frank Sinatra hosted the Welcome Home Elvis television special, he was trying to maintain a measure of hip by rubbing a little Elvis on. CD reissue of “The Complete Sun Sessions” has ended 12 years later with the publication of “Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Reading Peter Guralnick’s Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley is like watching a train wreck about to happen. You know what’s.

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The drugs, the objectification of women he didn’t respect his marriage at allthe pain from losing his mom, retreating I always loved Elvis’ music in the early 70s Just imagine what Elvis could have been were he not kept tucked away behind his phalanx of cronies and kept in thrall to the stunted Col.

But I wasn’t prepared for quite know how sad and pathetic the end really was, with the discovery of him on the bathroom floor making me tear up. In contrast to contemporaries such as Lester Bangs, Ian Penman and Nick Tosches, whose music writings are marked by idiosyncratic, self-referential and highly personal styles, Guralnick’s writing is characterized by a colloquial approach that is clean and understated by comparison.

It was a hugely destructive choice and in the end forced him to become a ridiculous caricature of himself “the living legend is fat and ludicrously aping his former self Audiences for tragedies in ancient Greece knew how the stories ended, and this knowledge made every attempt by the hero to do the right thing more painful or poignant, and Careless Love works the same way. This book goes behind the myth of Elvis Presley so there is a much clearer understanding of the complicated relationship that evolved between him and his manager Colonel Parker.

Home town boy

For various reasons, many readers, particularly those who are recreational readers rather than die-hard Elvis fans, will find Careless Love more entertaining than Last Train To Memphis. Strangely enough, after the story was over, what I felt most was a desire to have known him – not, of course, to get one of the many Cadillacs he would give away, but because it seems as though what he really needed was friendship that wasn’t bought or self-interested.


He had serious emotional needs, had way too much money, was isolated by fame, and was a hypochondriac with an insatiable appetite for medications. In turn, the star becomes paranoid and alternates between generosity and cruelty.

This volume takes up the life of our musician following his service during World War II.

It’s also once again great on the music. A creature of habit and familiar surroundings, the outside world becomes his playground while his inner self struggles to make sense of it all through spirituality, a series of isolating “yes” men and women, and drugs. It follows Elvis from his years in the Army in Germany, through his strange, prolonged courtship of Priscilla, his unfulfilling career in the movies, his triumphant return to live performance, his growing isolation and seemingly inexorable decline, and, finally, his death in Memphis in August of Encompassing more than 1, pages including 1, pages of textthe work countered earlier biographies such as Albert Goldman’s Elvis from with an in-depth, scholarly examination of Presley’s life and music.

And keep a box of tissues nearby; this is one of the saddest endings you can imagine. The drugs, the objectification of women he didn’t respect his marriage at allthe pain from losing his mom, retreating to his room all the time, the Memphis Mafia always hanging around him like puppy dogs waiting for the next car he’d buy them. Apr 21, Susan rated it it was amazing. Here’s a book that takes you behind the scenes and gives you the real story.

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick

In the end, the legendary generosity became a symptom of a larger malaise. As I read this one I moved from the book to my desktop and back again, checking out some of his work on YouTube…and I actually purchased one song, because it was catchy. Less enjoyable than part 1, but no less unjaking researched.


It covers his time in the army through his drug-filled decline and death. One of the most dreadful and detailed books I have ever read. However, the author always treats his subject with respect and understanding.

Not only was he ten times more famous than the aforementioned, but he was much more disturbed. Ditch another recording session? Nick tried to get Elvis treated for depression by sneaking in psychiatrists disguised as doctors during one of his many hospital stays, but Elvis saw right through them. The first book is about a creative genius, the second book was so sad, the decline of that creative genius.

He does not judge or condemn, nor idolize Elvis, rather simply reports on his research and thousands of interviews with those that knew Elvis, in an easily readable manner. But I was an incredibly maternal presence in his life. While reading Careless Love, I felt so bad for Elvis.

I kept rooting for an intervention as Elvis becomes completely dependent on prescription medications to do literally anything – amphetamines to wake up, painkillers all day, and sleeping pills at night. Elvis in person emerges as unmsking Even with such an expert rendering of his life, who knows what he truly was like in real life, and what would have happened had he lived.