Duchamp has ratings and 19 reviews. Frank said: No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biogra. This revised edition of Calvin Tomkins’s Duchamp: A Biography arrives on the artist from the Time-Life Library of Art; The World of Marcel Duchamp appeared. Nearly everything about L.A. appealed to Ruscha. He wanted to live there, and he knew that the only thing he could be was an artist. By Calvin Tomkins.

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I mean, you are not considered important at all.

Calvin Tomkins has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since One of Tomkins’s greatest strengths is to bring to life duchamo only the subjects of his biographies but also those, famous or not, with whom they interacted. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Talking Marcel Duchamp With Calvin Tomkins

An artist fuchamp go in any direction. Tompkins does his level best to provide a context for the work, but while he uncovers information about how the work came into being as in his account of the famous “Fountain” readymade and does a good job of describing the formal qualities of individual pieces, he do Although he was sociable and a leader in the Village art scene for decades, Duchamp always kept himself a bit aloof and tomkims reveal all that much about his thinking or his personal life.

Jenna Lyons covered everything from her year career at J. Alexander Keren rated it it was amazing Apr 02, They began to try to figure out what art was instead of just trying to pursue it, and this led them in all sorts of new directions.


What I can say is that as someone who had a slim but strong appreciation for Duchamp’s work and knew almost nothing of his life and personality, I found this book to be readable, interesting, and insightful. Duchamp eludes all attempts tomkinx trap him in a systematic theory.

Interview Calvin Tomkins, by Bridget McCarthy / ArtReview

Duchamp had no interest in systems, and his work cannot be explained that way. His antics are awe inspiring as they are heart warming. His [second] wife, Teeny, who had been married to Pierre Matisse, created this wonderful island.

I enjoyed this biography, because — even through the cold, hard stare of the art historian and critic — you can hear Tomkins’ awe and admiration for the man I feel is 20th century’s most important artist. I looked at several other books about Duchamp before choosing this one. ducahmp

Magali Reus

Oct 20, Antiabecedarian added it Shelves: Now the commercial aspects of art have become, in many ways, more important than the art. Forty-four years after their first conversation, Tomkins said what still stands out about Duchamp was his complicated nature. As the grandfather of what came to be known as Conceptual art, his idea that art was not solely and exclusively a visual thing has permeated the atmosphere.

This was so powerful, that art could be all these other things. The author’s intimacy with the subject and glorious prose style, wit, and deep sense of irony–“the only antidote to despair”–make him the perfect writer to bring this stunning life story to intelligent readers everywhere. A biographer also has to have an above average sense of humor to bring out the humanity in Duchamp.


At the time he said it, he felt it was music that was doing the talking and the others were listening.

You can see this leading to a real crash, which would be connected with the breakdown of society — the breakdown of corporate Western society.

File:Tomkins Calvin The World of Marcel – Monoskop

Joshua Disneyq rated it really liked it Jun 28, More often than not, he ends up taking Duchamp’s own explanations at face value, a very dodgy procedure. Art is so many things now. That passage struck me as sounding very contemporary. I do get people, including artists, who said they read The Bride and the Bachelors when they were in art toomkins, or even before, and that it had a big influence on them.

Mar 15, Roberta rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: How does it feel to think of your – self as an influential person, for example, in terms of how we see these people or how your writing has impacted others? He said at one point that the readymade is really a form of expressing tomoins impossibility of defining art. Afterwards, Duchamp meets Schwarz and simply says, “I couldn’t hear a word, but I enjoyed it very much.


He wrote the Art World column from to