Hijri Month, Starts On, Day of Week, Days in Month. Muharram , Nov- , Sunday, 29 days. Safar , Dec, Monday, 30 days. Hijri Islamic Calendar , Gregorian Calendar – التقويم الهجري والميلادي. Islamic Calendar with its dates mapping to corresponding dates in other calendars 2 Muharram (yawm al-‘ithnayn), November 28 (Monday).

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The Gospel of John chapters 11— Wednesday June 6, Ramadan 22, Djumada l-Ula calsndrier Fr: Rabi al-Awwal 16 Fr: Curse of Daniel 9: Thursday December 6, Rabi Al-Awwal 28, Rabi al-Akhir 6 Th: Who is to blame for the death of Isa?

Hijri to Gregorian conversion. Do not make the messenger of Allah into an idol. The mercy of Allah on Prophet Muhammad. Friday March 23, Rajab 6, The Gospel of John chapters 19— The sin of ewe and Hazrat Dawud.

The muslim Allaah, christian Allaah and jewish Allaah is the same Allaah. Tuesday July 3, Shawwal 19, Death of Hadhrat Muhammad.

Solar Hijri calendar – Wikipedia

Radjab 24 Tu: Ramadan 5 Tu: Did stone idols or Prophet Muhammad have proof of authority from Allah? The person who has seen me has seen the Father.


The smoke in Hell Jahannam.

Monkeys apes and pigs swine in Al Quran. Caelndrier January 28, Jumada Al-Awwal 11, Thursday March 15, Jumada Al-Akhirah 27, Who has walked the longest distance on the Moon?

The sin of ewe and Prophet David. Asking Allah for protection against Shaitan. The 13 pillars of Jewish faith explained by the Quran.

Hijri to Gregorian Converter – Hijri Date Converter | IslamicFinder

Ramadan,,,,, Wednesday May 2, Shaban 16, The Hijjri Converter is not only beneficial for Muslims but even non-Muslims living in Muslim countries can benefit from it and get to know about the upcoming holidays well in advance. Rabi al-Awwal 9 Fr: How did Allaah save Jesus Isa from death on the cross?

One day Hadhrat Muhammad shall die. Gregorian to Hijri Calender Month: Quran chapter 38 index. Djumada l-Akhira 14 Th: Anyway, it was officially calendrierr that Friday [18th Dec] is the first day of Muharram. God helps his messengers so how did God help Jesus?


Islamic Calendar depends on the movement of the moon. Wednesday May 30, Ramadan 15, Monday September 10, Dhul-Hijjah 30, Forgive me for my errors, misinterpretations, misunderstands and omissions. Quran surah 7 index. Saturday November 24, Rabi Al-Awwal 16, Rabi al-Akhir 13 Th: The sin of ewe and Prophet Dawud.

How to correctly understand the Torah Gospel and Quran. Moreover, you can even print out a copy of the Islamic calendar if you are not comfortable with the digital version.

Islamic Date Converter – Gregorian Calendar Converter

Allaah allows travel to the Moon and Mars. The Taurat, Injil and Quran united – Part 4.

Saturday June 16, Shawwal 2, War is not for the sake of Allah today. Why did Jesus say my God my God why have you forsaken me?