CA – Report Painter | SAP TRAINING COURSES. CA BO – Reporting with SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions for SAP NetWeaver BW | SAP. Goals. Explain the relationship between and configure a reporting table, library, report, and report group; Create your own Report Painter reports. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) Training. Report Painter ( CAv) · SAP ERP Financial Master Data (WNAMD2-v) · Report Writer .

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CA – Create report painter

Define Formula Variance Column? Assign the Report to Report Group Z6? Report group C Report group B Report group A – Basic key figures Value fields in selected data records – Key figures – Reports with related content Combinations of characteristics and basic key figures! Name this report Z6 and assign it to report group Z6. Name the report Z1 description: You must also ensure that when this report prints it will cause a page break between breaks in groups of columns.

Use the following cost element groups in next page: You have been asked to create a report that contains the following information: Total Employee Section 3: Section 1 Actual Plan Var.

Costs ‘ Section 2: Basic Functions of the Report Painter? Plan Wages Salaries Add. Define Column 2 – Plan Costs? Use the appropriate explode level to obtain this ssap structure.


Emphasis Subtotal Rows with Lines? Costs Cost center Qty Orders Send mail a report of your choice to a neighboring group in the class and to yourself as well. If an unexpected variance between the actual and planned costs appears, the end users need to drill-down to more detailed data to analyze the reason for the variation.

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Therefore, you will need to have the background job also create an extract. Select Cell needed for calculation? Run job and create extracts H H H H H 4. Assign report Z5 to report group Z5. Direct labor costs Ind. System exit Sao that determines the current fiscal year from the controlling area and the fiscal year variant. Key ssp Cost element C. Create variant Job name: Structure of a Report Painter Report?

Column Basic key figures Characteristics Characteristics: Once the interface has been defined, run your report group to test the interface.

Szkolenie SAP CA Certyfikacja SAP Basics of the Report Painter

As a template, you have to refer library 1VK. Actual Actual 1KSL: Create Z5 by copying Z4 Name the report Z3 and assign it to report group Z3. Name the report Z7 and assign it to report aap Z7. Using the ca75 variables in the report: Board H Internal Services Corp. The controlling area contains the constant value Hide Personnel Costs Row?


Structure of a Report Painter Rep. Assign Report to Report Group Z6?

This would be time consuming. Use variations to execute report Z4 report group Z4. The courses were designed for employees and project team members from the relevant user departments who need to create financial reports. XXX Column model stat. Define column 1 using ‘ Basic key figure with characteristics’. Internal orders Characteristics Cost el.

You will want to use the variations feature to print out each manager’ s report. In addition, the courses are an effective way for consultants to familiarize themselves with the diverse reporting tools available within the Fa705 system. Create background job User: H Finance and Administration Fiscal year: Build a report which provides the following information.

To do this, set the Append Report flag under output control.