BlackLight®. Analysis for all 4 major platforms. Please visit the Software Downloads page to download the latest version. Software Downloads. In recent months there have been several new and exciting developments to BlackBag’s BlackLight solution. BlackLight helps investigators to. by Scar de Courcier In recent months there have been several new and exciting developments to BlackBag’s BlackLight solution. BlackLight.

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Additional devices running Android 4. Posted Thursday September 20, Using BlackLight as the analysis tool [ For Windows systems, BlackLight uses whatever the default app may be for playing media files.

Newsletter Sign Up Want to keep up to date with all our latest news and information? To learn about all the new features, improvements, and fixes view the release notes for BlackLight R2. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. BlackLight is designed to make reporting incredibly flexible.

BlackLight Current Release

Snapshots can be mounted as read-only volumes that are exact copies of the file system state at the time they were taken. It sheds light on user actions and now even includes analysis of memory images. Beyond the UI redesign, however, there are a number of other capabilities BlackBag have recently added to BlackLight to make it a more powerful tool for forensic investigation. BlackLight’s signature File Filter view includes examiner-defined filter options to quickly pinpoint relevant data within large data sets.


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There is no software functionality or customer support penalty if a customer does not renew their BlackLight license subscription. However, customers no longer receive all BlackLight blackbg updates at no additional cost once their license expires. New BlackLight Enhancements for R2 We are very excited to announce BlackLight R2 is officially released and includes top customer requested features.

Examiners may apply any number of filters or inverse filters to quickly isolate important data from system files or base application files.

What’s the best forensic examination platform? BlackLight comes with several pre-set file filters, including those that filter by file type, file attribute, geolocation coordinates, and source device type.

User Interface The new interface is the first major change. Most importantly, examiners can view messaging threads in list view or in their native format, with support for data from: Earlier bblackbag year, BlackLight R1 was released which includes full APFS support – when combined with MacQuisition R1, it is the world’s first complete end-to-end acquisition, decryption, and analysis solution for the latest Apple File System.

This indicates that the file may have been changed. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What’s New and Improved?

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BlackLight allows for easy searching, filtering and otherwise sifting through large data sets. BlackLight initially displays video files as 4×4 frame sequences, allowing examiners to quickly triage multiple video files in blackbwg to locate potential evidence.


Easily tag evidence and include any and all relevant metadata in the examiner report Export your report in your choice of formats, including. Although it was always possible to search across these, filtering was not an option until recently.

AMR files voicemail, etc. BlackLight quickly analyzes computer volumes and mobile devices. BlackLight is designed to make reporting incredibly flexible.

If you have snapshot data in your case you can therefore see precisely blacklighf was happening on the system at the time the snapshot was taken. From our industry-leading APFS support to simplified reporting, we’ve been busy providing you a tool that meets today’s needs.

Within the DFIR community, support for fundamental structures, like file systems, across tools is essential for examiners to complete their work. Thank you for your interest in BlackLight. Apple grabbed the attention of forensic examiners everywhere when they released hardware with new T2 chip technology in December We added the top 3 most popular customer requests AND, remembering our Mac Forensic fans, provided new support for Spotlight artifacts You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.