Project Report By Rajeev Prajapati TRAINING REPORT. Express gratitude to those who were associated with my project training in BHEL. A Training report On “TURBINE MANUFACTURING” At BHEL HARIDWAR Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar. Hitesh Gupta .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. BLOCK-3 Gas.

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If the specific resistance of cooling DM water goes beyond preset value. Beside above, all kinds of the future engineers must know the basic requirements of workshop activities in term of man, machine, material, methods, money and other infrastructure facilit ies needed to be positioned properly for optimal shop layouts blck plant layout an d repprt support services effectively adjusted or located in the industry or plan t within a well planned manufacturing organization.

In addition, however, the steam upon passing through the moving blades again expands and further drops in pressure giving a reaction force to the blades.

The bore of the discs is made 0. Spherical butterfly and rotary valves and auxiliaries for hydro station. TABLE 3 15 1. It has to be machined by broaching, and the broaching machine available could not handle the sizes of the root. BHEL is the only company in India with the capability to make simulators for power plants, defense and other application 1. Footings are provided the stator foundation shields enclose the ends of heavy end frame and form mounting of generator bear and radial shaft.

The solid conductors have a rectangular cross-section and are provided axial slots for radial or cooling air. These stages are therefo re more accurately, though less widely, described as low-reaction stages.


Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

If this high steam is ap plied to a properly shaped turbine blade, it will change in direction due to the shape of the blade. These include high voltage power and distribution transformers, instrument transformers, dry type transformers, SF6 switchgear, capacitors, and insulators etc. BHEL is the only Indian Engineering company on the list, which contains online retail firm Amazon at the second position with Apple and Google at hariddar and seventh positions, respectively.

Some processes produces finish products or articles into its usual form bhl others do not, and require further working to finish component to the desired shape and size.

The approximate area of these plant is a follows: Remember me on this computer. Filing in and purging of hydrogen safety without bringing in contact rfport air.

Bhel Haridwar Training Report Block 3 Pdf

Each slots accommodated two bars. Foster learning, creativity and speed of response. Undertake haridwzr to promote greater environmental responsibility and 9. Energy metersWater metersControl equipmentCapacitorsPhotovoltaic panels and Electronic private automatic branch exchange.

The parts produced through th ese processes may or may not require to undergo further operations. First plant was established in Bhopal in ; in Haridwar in January, Today BHEL has 14 manufacturing divisions, 9 service centers, 4 power sector regional centre and about project sites. Electrical machine repair shop. These are provided with STDP, totally enclosed and duct ventilated enclosures. Control panel for voltage up to KW and control desks for ge nerating stations and EMV sub—stations.

The steam passes through the stationary nozzles and is directed at trainong velocity aga inst rotor buckets causing the rotor to rotate at high speed. Steam generator up to MW unit size. Firstly, the LP blades are standardized for certain ranges of speeds, bhe turbines may be selected to operate anywhere in the speed range. Before insulation on with varnish each segment is carefully debarred. The company has been earning profits continuously since 72 and paying dividends since which is a reflection of company’s commendable performance throughout.


Worki ng under the department I came to know about the basic grinding, scaling and mac hining processes which was shown on heavy to medium machines.

Electrical machines Melara SPA. We bloc, for RC bock and diode circuit. Twist ed blade with integral shroud, in last stages of HP, IP and initial stages of LP turbines, to reduce profile and Tip leakage losses o Free standing LP moving bl ades Tip sections with supersonic design o o Fir-tree root Flame hardening of th e leading edge Banana type hollow guide blade o Tapered and forward leaning for optimized mass flow distribution o Suction slits for moisture removal 4.

Test procedure for measurement of impedance bheo rotor winding with 50 hertz supply SCOPE — This procedure covers the measurement of impedance of rotor winding 50 hertz source.

The number of layers or thickness of insulation depends on the machine voltage. Therefore, for good efficiency the blade velocity should be about one half of steam velocity. These sh rouds of adjacent blades butt against each other forming a continuous ring.

The brushless exciter mainly consists of: This is a highly hi tech shop where comple te manufacturing of blades is done using single advanced CNC machines. These governors are used in bock for controlling the speed of rotor wit hin the certain limits. HVDC transmission systems iii.