In smaller flute you have to blow harder, in bigger ones grip is comparatively difficult. So start with a medium one. You have to have some basic knowledge of . For learning the basics of Bansuri there is a channel in youtube by Himanshu Nanda (Disciple of Pandit hari Prasad Chourasia). This is pretty good for. Beginning level instruction on the art of the bansuri (bamboo flute) by flute master G.S. Sachdev.

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Rohan Jais 27 February at Thanks for great information you write it very clean.

So you can play basicz same note multiple times but by saying “ta’ or “ta-ta-ta” when you blow into the flute. Please update about the mistakes you encountered too.

Selection Of The Right Bansuri. If your hands are medium then go for A.

Prashanth Kumar 8 July at The one altruist for change 8 October at Hello, I am over 50 and cannot play a note on the bansuri for 30 seconds. It is a bit like swimming when you nasics breathe in quickly when coming up for air. Unknown 5 December at In addition to this there are Octaves.


Radha Madhav Dham

Key is not a constraint. By doing this, your are filling your lungs up with bansuti much air as possible and then slowly releasing.

Many combinations are possible. Bansuri can play surs from mandra pa till taar ni. Notes in blue are notes in the middle register.

Basics of the Bansuri – Lesson 1 | Radha Madhav Dham

I prefer the sound of the bansuri. The idea is here is just to hold the flute up to your mouth so the the blowing hole is under your lips.

Will I ever be able to play a raag if I cannot play a note for 30 seconds?

Try producing the following: Instruments such as Piano or Harmonium can cover all the surs in all the three octaves. You basic definitely relate all of your emotions with the help of music. They can be played at varying speeds once mastered to ornament the music but as a beginner you should learn them as slowly as possible because this will train your brain and equip you better for playing them faster later.

How to play shudha madhyama on basuri, i am playing open the little finger, but my master say the madhyama is not perfect any tips? This note is ‘ Sa ‘.



What this means is that. Radhika Sharma April 27, at If you go back and read it properly you might understand what i am trying to say. I am so sad because I may not be able to play bansuri well because of that condition. And if you having financial issue, So go on you tube there are many teachers who are providing lessons and exercises where you can learn much things. What are your thoughts? There are 3 types of Octaves. It is far more important to banxuri a sound first before we try to cover the holes and learn the notes.

This is the best website for learning flute at home. bascs

What is C and D I didn’t able to understand please answer me anybody. Put your hand on your belly and take a deep breath so that your belly begins to stick out. The following exercises require the use of the tongue. Matt Dubuque 21 June at