Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. 20 years ago on July 11, the most severe war crime since the 2nd World War is said to have. Alexander Dorin book about Srebrenica events. Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism. “In the West, the popular mythology about. The trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, which has been stalled by the former Bosnian Serb leader’s refusal to show up in court, is likely to be used by the.

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Why are you reluctant to promote your book personally?


Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. We have done it, because it was very important he was publicly threatened because of the truth about Srebrenica. Benachrichtigung bei weiteren Kommentaren per E-Mail senden.

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Alexander Dorin, Zoran Jovanović: Srebrenica – what really happened

Freiburg, July Peter Priskil. They were looking for something. What they have brought to light is horrendous but none the less true for that. For months he had some post traumatic syndroms. But this never happened. This is about the evidence that in Srebrenica not 8, Muslims were killed, but considerably less. And these are what this documentation is about. You are commenting using your WordPress. Voltaire Network 2 March They were 6 or 7. Our editorial board, whose occasional collaborator is Alexander Dorin, received last month from him a text with a request to publish it on our website in foreign languages.

Die Video-ID kannst du wie folgt ausfindig machen: Instead of doing the monitoring tasks assigned to them, officers would go off and use their global positioning devices to locate and identify targets which would be later bombed by Nato.

  DECRETO 4980 DE 2007 PDF

And let it be noted: A spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry, Folco Gallisaid that Dorin was arrested by order of the Ministry of Justice office, but that does not mean that he may not be arrested for other reasons, or in another investigation of Swiss government bodies.

Those 2, men fell in a battle against the Serbian Army, while they were breaking through to Tuzla.

Our friend Aleksandar Dorin has benn arrested by Swiss Police and is not allowed to have any contact to anyone. By April, however, in the midst of the war over Kosovo, it sometimes appeared that he could allude to nothing else. About him, read by clicking on the title text: In springthe remains of Yugoslavia was bombed for eleven weeks by NATO, and then the historical and religious core of Serbia, the Amselfeld “Kosovo”was amputated, occupied and, in violation of the relevant UN stipulations, which guaranteed the territorial integrity of the rump of Yugoslavia, “released into independence”.

And, Dorin, at the end ofin an article presented evidence that between 3, and 4, Muslims, in July fled to Serbia and were accommodated in Serbian refugee camps.

According to Dorin these were mainly those who had fallen in a fight —not victims from a massacre.

Srebrenica — Neither Massacre, Nor Genocide

The Swiss Justice Ministry told Sputnik that he dorib not arrested on their order. Notify me of new posts via email. Srevrenica to Dorin the former Muslim police chief was reported to have stated this in several interviews. The organisation was just packed with them. In his books, which were published in andand in diverse interviews he pointed to basic inconsistencies which place the alleged Srebrenica-massacre into a different light.


It wanted to put the denial of the Srebrenica-massacre as genocide under scrutiny.

This book argues that we need to extricate ourselves from the web of reporting and analysis that obscures this reality and from the deceit promoted by the elite — and that behind the diplomatic language and presentation of policy-makers lies a peculiar British viciousness, evident all around the world, past and present.

It was created in by the UN-Security Council and is solely responsible srebreniica the persecution of heavy crimes during the Yugoslavian Wars lasting from till After many years of investigating the war events in and around Srebrenica, I have reached a definite conclusion that there was no genocide.

Srebrfnica is the United States suddenly withdrawing from Syria? According to the Basel police, Aleksandar took the contact with his lawyers.

He pointed out that some Muslims have admitted at least 2, of their Srebrenica-based fighters were killed in the battle. Take part in survey.

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