AFMAN , CD BASIC. USAF SUPPLY MANUAL. 1 April FOREWORD . (Summary of Changes Included). Volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (HQ AFMC). Apr 1, AIR FORCE MANUAL , VOLUME 2,. PART 13 . AFMAN which are on file in Base Supply. Manual Supply Accounting Record. tional structure and procedures are outlined in the various volumes and parts of AFMAN , The. USAF Supply Manual. Scope. The procedures.

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Maintain a working knowledge of functional manpower requirements, manning levels, andwork with respective flight leadership to address staffing concerns. Prepares and submits change requests for RSP authorizations. Initiate supply assistance requests for supplydifficulties. The Operations Officer will be the next senior officer and oversee thesophisticated and diverse day-to-day operations within the squadron.

Refer toand series instructions for detailed deployments, distribution and vehicle management procedures andprocesses. Wartime Category and Processing Codes. Evaluator duties must be included in the position description.

Volume 2 Chapter 1 | AFMAN Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

MSL responsibilities include quarterly visits to afmn work centers; providing guidancefor maintaining bench, operating, and shop stocks; and assisting users in resolving any materielmanagement related problems.

Ensure the rotation of personnel outside of the LRS is limited to no more than 3 years in orderto assure the retention of core materiel management competency skills.

Training is provided by the residentexperts within the specific elements. Prepare and publish inventory schedules for all categories of property outlined in Chapter 10,Table 10C If the evaluator is a Senior NCO with an awarded 7-skill level, the evaluatorappointment letter will serve as the STS qualification document. Advise decentralized materiel usaff personnel and maintenance leaders of supportconcerns and recommends corrective actions.

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Volume 2 Chapter 1

Equipment Accountability Element serves asthe base equipment review and authorization activity and manages all equipment items with the exceptionof vehicles. Establish and conduct an effective training program to make sure that each individual is followingcurrent procedures. Evaluate unit logistics management procedures, including locally developed forms, publications,OIs, checklists etc.

Accept or reject items delivered under contracts that require acceptance afamn destination. Refer to the various chapters withinthis manual for detailed procedures and processes for all duties not specifically mentioned.

Conduct annual supply procedural surveillance visits to all work centers. Maintain suspense file of AFForm First Sergeants derive their authority from the unit commander and exercise generalsupervision over all assigned enlisted personnel AFIThe Enlisted Force Structure.

Allocate available personnel, funds, physical facilities, equipment, etc.

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The commander also determines and pursues funding, facilities and equipmentneeded to perform mission. Accountable Officer responsibilities and signature authority are non-delegated requirements.

Customer Support Section serves as the materiel managementliaison and equipment accountability authority for wing customers. Aligns under the squadron commander and functions as a key advisor on a broad range ofoperational, readiness, and enlisted human resource concerns.

Areas authorized to evaluate will be identified in the evaluator’s individual trainingplan. Civilian QA evaluators must have experience in the functional discipline they areresponsible for evaluating.

Provide materiel management training to materiel management personnel outside the LRS. Standard functional responsibilities, which can bedelayed or omitted during war, are coded according to chapter 32, section 32B, Wartime Processing. OC provides oversight of squadron compliance, training resources, accountability and analysis.


Functions as the director of Operations Compliance OC. In addition to the other functional responsibilities,the commander has the following materiel management related responsibilities: Retain the technical order data when retagging items. Assigned as the Functional Director for all contracts to maintain oversight of those programs.

Satellite supply accounts are not authorized a deputy satellite Logistics ReadinessSquadron Commander. The squadron section commander assists the squadron commander and will work with theFirst Sergeant for health, morale, welfare, and discipline of all assigned personnel. Theflight includes the following sections: Recommends, in coordination with the UDM and squadron leadership, assignment of squadronpersonnel to deployment positions for commander approval and coordinates on all AEF taskings.

Ensure ILS-S processing time is provided for other functions that use the system as anaccounting medium.

When unscheduled downtime requires remedial maintenance, theSSOO works with the CSB and local communication personnel if applicable to repair the terminal.

Store incomplete items and initiate issue requests for items that are neededto bring incomplete assemblies to a serviceable condition.

Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander. Responsible for stocking, storing, issuing,and inspection management of DoD supplies and equipment.