AFI , Military Personnel Records Systems, or by other base-level records systems as authorized by the affected individual) and authorized for file in the personnel record groups by AFI , AFI 2. Study AFI’s flashcards from william finucane’s USAF class online, or in Brainscape’s iPhone or Android app. WAPS Testing > AFI’s > Flashcards The below changes to AFI , dated 1 December , are AFI , Deployment Planning and Execution and AFI

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The commander ensures Airman indorses the initial notification letter, acknowledging receipt of the decision and that an appeal may be submitted in accordance with paragraph 6.

Imagery Analysis Retrain – Page 87

The MPS will not authorize Airmen 3082 cancel a previously approved extension for the purpose of combining it with additional extensions, reenlist rather than extend, or to enhance Afii entitlements. Contracts must be no less than 1 year and not more than 6 years. The Route Dispatcher dispatches shuttle drivers and makes sure all Thank you- AC, TSgt, 15yrs. Provide Business Case Analysis: See AFI foradditional guidance.

These Airman appeal to their wing commander when their group commander made theextension non-selection recommendation.

Extensions must be for 12 months waivers to the number of months will not be considered.

Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. When the SECAF is the appeal authority, the case must process through both the group and wing commander. FTA appeal to their respective groupcommanders. Airmen extending under this rule may immediately reenlist once medically cleared and obligated service is waived.


Air Force: No change on stop loss

If the commander recommends approval, the Airman will forward request to MPS. Commanders must conduct SRPconsideration within 30 days when the ineligibility condition no longer exists. Claims incident theretoTitle 10, U. Airmen may initiate the request 6 months prior to DOS See note 6. Extension may6 not exceed a total of 12 months and the Airman is ineligible to reenlist and rules 382 and 5 do not apply. Forward request to their commander who considers the request and recommends approval or disapproval.

Document extension cancellation on theARMS copy of the original extension. When the appeal is disapproved, MPS ensures the Airman acknowledges receipt of the disapproval.

Administrative Changes to AFI36-2606, Reenlistment In The …

I contacted Finance here, and they are giving me the run around Eligible Airmen serving in SRB skills, who hold a 3-skill level or higher in the SRB skill, afii extend their enlistments in one increment for a minimum period of 36 months up to, and including, a maximum period of 48 months. The old version of the retirement AFI does refer to the stop loss provision in a footnote, but that footnote was not applied to sections 366 deployed airmen.

Airmen may use this provision only if they are extending according to Table 6. The Airman and MPS representative must initial each correction. The MPS will review the case file for aci andreturn all incomplete requests to the unit. The MPS will return request to commander without taking further action.


If approved to reenlist through the waiver process, the REcode 4K will be temporarily removed to allow update of the reenlistment, 3 the MPS willre-update the Re code to 4K once the reenlistment af. Extensions for Reenlistment-Ineligible Airmen. Imagery Analysis Retrain Reading the blogs above and on previous pages; Since we are prior service, we should be telling everyone there that we are Permanent Party since it is a PCS after initial career field and that way we get our email accounts set up.

In all cases, these authorities are exercised with extreme judiciousness. Voluntary extensions for all Airmen are limited to a maximum of 48 months per enlistment. Personal convenience or monetary advantage, except as specified under Table 6. Retention incentives for members qualified in criticalmilitary skills or assigned to high priority unitsTitle 44, U. It is a PCS. Defense News Weekly Year in Review On this special edition, we look at some of our biggest interviews–and up close 38022 we got in They have a job to do, most of that is 3820 support us as we PCS in.

Route the memorandum through their commander for signature.