Every year, Rehana held a party at Road 5 to mark the day she had returned to Dhaka with the children. She saved her meat rations and made. A Golden Age: A Novel [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rehana Haque, a young widow, blissfully prepares for the party . A Golden Age. Tahmima Anam [Tahmima Anam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Rehana awakes one morning, she might be forgiven.

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And as she struggles to keep her family safe, Rehana will be forced to face a heartbreaking dilemma.

First light

The War of Liberation in is a matter of great pain and pride for us. It seems to be intended more as a universal story about families and war which happens to be set in Bangladesh, rather than a book about Bangladesh; the story is strong although there wasn’t as much sense of place as I expected.

And it is a powerful story, heavy with accuracy and allowing the reader to figure things out. Every year, Rehana held a party at Road 5 to mark the day she had returned to Dhaka with the children.

Review: A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam | Books | The Guardian

It will be interesting too, to see if and how Anam’s writing style has changed for this book that has come out 3 years after the first one. Throughout the novel you will not be able to differentiate the seasons, day or night, morning and noon, afternoon and evening. Could someone please explain the character of Mrs. The story was engaging and I also learned a lot about the country’s history. The New York Times. She unfurled her prayer mat, pointed it westwards and sank to her knees. Rehana cannot keep them safe at home.

When the Pakistani military junta launched its attack on its citizens both children become active in the resistance movement, pulling Rehana into its intrigue as well. I picked the book up last night and at 2: Rehana must bear the deepest part of her soul to save her children. Rather than depicting the events of Bangladesh independence, i. Whereas East Pakistan had both muslim and hindu populations and spoke mainly Bengali.


Rehana is a wonderful character, loving but flawed, and gifted with depths and strengths I would never have expected in the early part of the the book. He’ll never make a good husband, she heard Mrs Chowdhury say.

Instead it was a missed opportunity. Tahima monsoons had softened its edges and drawn meandering, old-age seams into the walls. Rehana’s neighbors and many of the other minor characters are sharply drawn and their stories are intertwined with those of Rehana and her children.

View all 10 comments. The mounting Bengali nationalist movement led to the Pakistan army to carry out Operation Searchlight. She could still hear Mrs Chowdhury telling her to build the new house at the back of her property.

Extract: A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam | Books | The Guardian

The guerrilla boys brought their severely wounded Major to Shona one agge. She is very much successful in selling her books. During this operation, about a million East Pakistanis fled to neighbouring India and anything between 30, and 3, East Pakistanis were massacred.

At nineteen txhmima seventeen, they were almost grown up. The book has, however, received some criticism for having factual inaccuracies. Though she was able to save her children, the protagonist Rehana couldn’t escape from the heartaches the war offered her. So now I think I know enough to at least get a sense of the historical, political, and social issues that affect the human story, although I’m sure most of it will still go over my head. The violence and atrocities are there, but they are not overdone, nor too vividly drawn.

And sure enough, within a week or two of arrival, the floods arrived in Dhaka, displacing thousands.

The novel then jumps forward bj is set inin Dhaka, the year of its war of independence, when East separated from West and became Bangladesh when you look at the area on a map, they are geographically separate, with no common border, India lying between them.

This kind of generosity, characteristic of Rehana, and, in my real life and w experience, par for the course among Muslims, is striking and moving to me. It seems to be intended more as a universal story about families and war which happens to be set Gopden Anam is one of those rare authors who can write about normal, everyday events and have them be utterly compelling.


The story falters when it isn’t tagging along with the twhmima events of what actually happened. With the conflict taking its bloody course in the East, Rehana anaj she cannot stop them from joining the Bangla effort as freedom fighters. Colorful, cinematic, atmospheric, mesmerizing, warm, gripping, and absolutely worth the read. I looked forward to my time with it every day. So it was good to read a novel agw by a Bengali, and feel like she has shown me a personal portrait of a family living through, and taking part in, the country’s tumultuous birth in However, the inclusion of unexplained vernacular terms does not detract from the enjoyment of a book, which I can strongly recommend, nor its comprehensibility.

The new driveway was a narrow passage that opened into the back of Rehana’s plot. To ask other readers questions about A Golden Ageplease sign up. A Golden Age by Tahm A Golden Age, a story so powerful and heart-rending that takes you back to the real account of Bangladesh Liberation War through the experiences of Rehana Haque and her family.

Rehana went with Faiz to bring Sabeer from jail in a ana, Widow Rehana Haque’s daughter Maya and son Sohail are teenagers, both heavily involved in the resistance efforts against West Pakistan.

It resulted in the independence of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Her gradual acceptance of this reconciles the emotional tension of the novel. As a Muslim woman and mother caught in the midst of a violent conflict, Rehana reminded me of the main character in The Woman from TantouraRuqayya, so I could not help finding this book less impressive than Ashour’s superlative novel, although it is certainly affecting and expressive. A few reviewers have complained that readers don’t actually witness much violence in this book; Rehana, the main character, is on the sidelines, allowing guerillas to use anzm home as anma base and performing small acts of courage, not actively fighting.