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When negotiating offset contracts, does the government specifically address corruption risk by imposing due diligence requirements on contractors? Are kanunn procurement oversight mechanisms in place and are these oversight mechanisms active and transparent? The military command has a decisive authority over the decisions made in the council and is answerable directly to the prime sayo, a structure which does not allow for inspection by the parliament.

While there is no specific legislation on off-budget spending, different government agencies appear to have their own laws or policies that allows them to contribute to military expenditure. Is the legislature or the appropriate legislative committee or members of the legislature given full information for the budget year on the spending of all secret items relating to national security and military intelligence?

In a general media and internet search, no relevant results could be obtained whether the trainings for defence procurement staff are effective, nor is there any information on staff rotation or resourcing. Actual purchases can be viewed on the website of the Undersecretariat of Defence Industry SSM and are made public through press releases – however the information provided is limited.

Are pay rates and allowances for civilian and military personnel openly published?

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Defence budgets that are not made publicly available can be found in the Public Expenditures Monitoring Platform the website link is provided in the sources section. While interviewee 1 stated that about 95 per cent of all procurement is public and planned, there is no clear information on the number of unplanned purchases. There is limited information available on these courses and an internet search wielded no relevant results as to how ssayl knowledge from these courses are applied in the field.


However, the information provided does not disclose detailed information. European Commission, Turkey Progress Report, However, interviewees 2 and 3 also stated that the media shows an interest in the subject of state assets and reports on their disposal frequently.

The parliament plays no asyl in the determination of the National Security Policy Document. Moreover, regardless of the medium for these debates, they are often coated under kanub discourses of nationalism and national security.

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Political dynamics in Turkey appear to contribute to the stance the government takes in terms of the enforcement of sanctions on the military. There is no evidence of formal anti-corruption training taking place on a regular basis in the Turkish Armed Forces TSK. In the trial that is under way, penalties for 21 individuals ranging from years are being demanded. However, the effectiveness of these provisions, as well as the political will to implement them is highly questionable.

Turkey Progress Report.

Agreed and score lowered from 2 ianun 1. The extent of national industry favouring is not verifiable, but the evidence provided corresponds with the comments by interviewee 1, as well as media reports.

The Ministry of National Defence does not involve or seek the opinion of parliament or the National Defence Committee when the defence budget is being formulated.

This information is unavailable to the public. The level of military autonomy in judicial oversight remains high and is still a concern, according to reports. There are no particular provisions in relation to the relevant anti-corruption articles of the ATT.

Treasury-backed loans is one form of off-budget spending. No particular provisions related to the anti-corruption articles of the ATT have been implemented, limiting transparency of the arms trade process. For a company to be able to bid for tenders, a security clearance is required.

Civil servants are paid on the 15th of every month. Within the context of this law most of the codes which increase the authorization and duty of local administration have become operative as being law. Further concerns remain about impartiality in the processing of anti-corruption cases. Is there evidence that breaches of the Code of Conduct are 50188 addressed ,and are the results of prosecutions made publicly available?


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However, it is questionable whether this includes detailed information on payment timelines, interest rates, commercial loans or export credit agreements.

Directors and assistants to the Undersecretariat of National Intelligence are appointed on the suggestion of the Undersecretary with the approval of the Prime Minister and the President. Are the principal aspects of the financing package surrounding major arms deals, such as payment timelines, interest rates, commercial loans or export credit agreements made publicly available prior to the signing of sayp Turkey is known to have a vibrant civil society.

The oversight of the kanum from these institutions is limited due to it reportedly being subject only to cursory oversight by the institution of the Ombudsman and the Court of Auditors.

Informally, an established, regular relationship between an agent and a procurement official may lead to an investigation against the official. Is the defence budget transparent, showing key items of expenditure?

Accessed December 11,http: This case in was a first for Turkey, but has not been able set the standard for further effective prosecutions in recent years. Further, Article 18 of Law No.

The investigation into losses of around million dollars was closed down even before any clear results could be obtained. Several high ranking officials including commanders resigned in protest and while some considered this as a way to end the impunity enjoyed by the military, others stated the charges were false and an attempt to ensure the government’s ultimate power.

Is the approved defence budget made publicly available? It cannot be determined whether actual procurement decisions and procurement planning are consistent. January 22,accessed April 22http: It is true that the de facto single-sourcing is higher than officially stated. The TSKGV should be subjected to enhanced scrutiny and the details of an external audit be made publicly available.

On the contrary, government draws the policies, measures, etc. How common is it for defence acquisition decisions to be based on political influence by selling nations?