I decided to make some template projects from these enclosures as I do design my own boutique guitar pedals and almost always use these. Mammoth Electronics Enclosures Drill Templates – 4SL BBT 4S LB A B B BB DD. PCB Materials · Reverb Parts · Home > Enclosures>Drill Templates>B Drill Template. B Drill Template Maximize. B Drill Template. Send to a.

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Templae templates have been very helpful for me to use as a base template design for creating guitar pedal images in photoshop.

Any chance you might be able to provide a new link for us or maybe post a copy of your A template that I could use? Thanks for Joining the CircuitMaker Community!

These have been cloned by many global manufacturers, but the original Hammond Manufacturing boxes made in Canada are of the highest quality and can also be obtained pre-painted. They’ll be back there in a sec EDIT: In particular I have need for bb right now, but other sizes would be cool too ns, b, templats Thank you.

Generally they’re quite tight. August 07, These small aluminum enclosures are tough, reliable, and very popular for amature radio and music related electronics projects, such as electric guitar effect “stomp boxes”.

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I have specified that the lid is actually the bottom in this template, because But it’s all layers anyhow so you can move it all around. Is there a graphic format available to use in photoshop or something similarblank, for various enclosures sizes in actual size ready for waterslide printing? Your message was succesfully sent! An email with templatf account activation details is 1590 its way.

However I recently copied over the file I had for your A enclosure and now the link to your website seems to templahe broken or dead.

I hope you find this useful. Briman Diode Destroyer Posts: October 25, Tremster Electron Templlate Posts: Tremster on December 10, Ah yes, I did a lot of updates to them and forgot to put them back Unable to download from CircuitMaker.

Manufacture Download Files Delete. Having the 2-D assembly drawing and 3D STEP models makes it much easier to place the components such as potentiometers a. Please login or register.

If so, much appreciated as I’m currently building the bacon bits, runt, and 150b and this template would be a lifesaver! Did you happen to move the templates to a new location on your site or did you just decide to take them down? Hangingmonkey Electron Doctor Posts: I went ahead and saved your new templates just in case I make the same mistake again. Please, open this page in browser and download file from there. It’s also the template for a Space Ritual if you fancy making one The Av2 is for a using 16mm pots and those new tiny jacks we’ve got.


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Drill Templates

Pedal building is like the opposite of sex. The Hammond Manufacturing series is perhaps the most successful and influential low-cost, small enclosure series to be produced.

I’ve shoved my Photoshop Templates here. None Can Read Can Edit. I decided to make some template projects from these enclosures as I do design my own boutique guitar pedals and almost always use these series boxes as the enclosures.

Thumb up Edit Delete.

Drill Templates – TH custom effects

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You cannot download files inside CircuitMaker. The rest are pretty much as they were, all set up for Josh’s Optotron boards. In the results listing, use the drop-down field to set the access rights for the maker as required, then click the plus button to grant those rights. There are no design files to display. Thanks, I just grabbed the pedal vector package. Ttemplate one is for the b size and b? Knut Koupee on December 10, Knut Koupee Diode Destroyer Posts: Thanks for updating teemplate link juansolo!

Sign In Sign Up. Pedal Vectorpack is what I use. This will delete the project. Gallery There are no design files to display.